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... Oh no Dave, it's not the dancing bit that bothers you, it's the disrespect that she shows you. When I read the title of your post, I thought you must be insecure. ... (22 replies)
... her to stop going as much, but completely, not if it's something she enjoys. I am still going to disagree that people in relationships shouldn't go out to clubs dancing once in a while with friends. Can it lead to cheating, sure, I guess, but so can lots of things in life. ... (22 replies)
... Dancing can be just that...dancing...and if you are out with a group of mixed friends dancing with the other sex there is that understanding and trust between you then it's just dancing... ... (22 replies)

... Sorry, I have to disagree here, although I'm sure I'm in the minority. If she is otu dancing with friends, what is the big deal? ... (22 replies)
... dancer! that made me feel bad, any way she then started dancing with other men while i was watching her looking like an idiot by my self! but what hurts me she is dancing really close to them by touching her legs and waist. ... (22 replies)
... IME! If I were you, I'd give it right back to her! Go find you a group of girls to dance with. Not trying to sound mean, but if she sees how bad it feels to have other people thrown up in your face all the time, maybe she'll see how it's making you feel! ... (22 replies)
... second Sunday to work on his cars. He also liked going on guys camping trips, he still gets to do that as well. We have a routine going where we know when the other one is having a night out with friends, and it's expected the other one will stay home with our child. ... (22 replies)
... else too. i personally don't think its a cool thing. the minute i found out she was married, i left. i don't agree with dancing, flirting or ANYTHING with any other guy if you have a bf already. i mean, why would you? ... (22 replies)
... holy I really don't get why everyone is so uptight. If my husband was out with me, of course I would dance with him. But I also don't expect him to be glued to my side at all times like he is my property. Gheesh. But if I"m on a girls night, what exactly am I supposed to do, just sit there with a big sign on my back that says "taken"...come on, flirting is natural and... (22 replies)
... and its so not fair to the other guys at the club either. they're wasthing their time on women that aren't even single and they don't even know it. i always hated when this happened to me. ... (22 replies)
... t really a great idea to go to them together either! The problem with clubs is that generally, people go out to places like that to mingle and pick up people. In other people's eyes, if you are out there, you are fair game whether you are with someone or not! And trust me... ... (22 replies)
... If I was at a club with a boyfriend, and I went up to dance with him and he pushed me away and proceeded to get jiggy with other girls...ha, me walking off the dance floor would be the last he'd ever see of me. I don't think that is extreme. How rude can you get? ... (22 replies)
... ers because they know who they really love. That's fine...but make no mistake! Supposedly innocent flirting can easily become something else whether you love the other person or not! Hormones are always there and sometimes love just isn't enough to keep things from happening. ... (22 replies)
... when out with my ex all i wanted to do was to dance with him and no one else...he was the only one for me...wouldnt think about dancing with someone else, i had what i wanted... ... (22 replies)
... I think your girlfriend was being rude and disrespectful of you. ... (22 replies)
... She said she wanted to meet me!!!! (22 replies)
... OH I also got the impression that he just showed up when she was on a girls night with her would guys feel if their girlfriend just showed up when they were on a boys night out, I bet they wouldn't be too thrilled at all...double standard or what... ... (22 replies)
... How pathetic are you that you let your boyfriend buy other women drinks? ... (22 replies)
... respectful. You should talk to her. Because that is extremely wrong. I would not dance so close to another man, and make my man sit back.. I would not flirt with other men.. it is wrong in my opinion. ... (22 replies)
... well my girlfriend show up with the kid from senior day....he has his arm around her and kisses her neck when she walks by me..... ... (13 replies)

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