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... OK I have posted about this before. I have a boyfriend, this bloke has a girlfriend, that isn't the issue, but the man is driving me crazy and not in a good way. Please be patient, feel free to skim read, but any advice would be great. I don't deal with people issues well! ... (2 replies)
... and then she says shes tired of our relationship and that she thinks we need a break and that shes tired of me and that she hates me. so i drop her off at home, no kiss, no nothing. she sends me texts about how im an inconsiderate ass and how im mean. ... (16 replies)
... This is why I got the impression that it is not a ongoing situation for a daily basis....I know women that are just about to start their period that should be locked away during that time...LOL....I know many men and women that if they are hungry it starts to temper w/ their personality....So if it is a ongoing issue and has nothing to do w/ her periods and hormones I would... (16 replies)

... LOL..that was funny..."run"....Now advice from a older woman...Just stay single it is so much easier...LOL..besides running takes too much (16 replies)
... You and your girlfriend sound young. ... (16 replies)
... yeah ok....if you're a psychology major then you know a little about BPD, borderline personality sounds like one or the other, BPD or bi-polar. This doesn't have anything to do with her period. (16 replies)
... everything is fine now. she came over after that incident and apologized and told me she didnt know what was wrong with her. ... (16 replies)
... I'm confused....didn't somewhere in the post say they already broke up? Actually, this doesn't sound like it is something that happens all the time, but if everyone ran every time someone acts out of the norm as men say "drama queen"....the divorce rate would go up higher than it already is. I know they are not married, but courtship does take place first. I don't know one... (16 replies)
... n tell you how disgusting a joke like that is. its not laughable at all. i wouldnt have second thoughts about dumping someone that said something so horrible. to me its unforgivable. i think you should find yourself a real women and stop going out with children. trust me, you will be much happier in life. ... (16 replies)
... Hope noone minds the double post, but now she is texting me telling me things like WOOHOO I AM SO HAPPY. and she isnt taking me seriously when i tell her to stop texting me because i really cant do this right now. shes taken away my appetite and i just feel more and more stressed. ... (16 replies)
... irst love and first sexual partner. They dated three years ago so I'm not quite as threatened by her, but it's hard. His most recent ex, who he left to be with me is more of a problem. She is still in love with him and that is hard for me. He goes out to this one bar every Thursday night and she is always there. ... (8 replies)
... He made it sound like it was happening all the time. In which case your argument doesn't really hold water. If this is just an infrequent situation that doesn't happen often, then I can understand she was having a bad day, whatever, it happens. But he made it sound like she was like this a lot and that's why he's unhappy. There's a huge difference. (16 replies)
... He should be running in the opposite direction of that women despite the effort! Single gets old IMO I want loyal, loving women who thinks I'm it! (16 replies)
... Well there are two sides to every story as I see so often....You feel you have done everything but die for her by the sounds of it....Well, most women here should know this, how many times have men about drove us crazy, then mixed w/ our period spells explosion, how many times have us women complained our men are not caring, affectionate, not interested or care about the... (16 replies)
... You said she was acting manic. You're studying psych, you wouldn't have used that terminology unless you suspected something was up. I still say she made up the thing about hydroplaning. Honestly, everything you posted about her makes her sound totally schizo, I'm finding it really hard to believe she's as great as you claim now that she is. That kind of behavior is... (16 replies)
... She is playing a toxic game of "Come closer so I can slap you". (Whatever floats your boat....) being the slappee is not nearly as much fun as you are finding out. Sera. (16 replies)
... This girl is the definition of the word manipulation look manipulation up in the dictionary......I bet you'll find her picture. :angel: (16 replies)
... Get away from this girl and do it fast. This is a preview of what your life would be like were you to stay with her. She is playing games with your head to get her way, and what are you doing? Playing are worried that if you take her up on the break thing that she will do something stupid and it would be your fault. First, if she does something stupid, it's... (16 replies)
... Have you considered that she might be bipolar? You should read up on it and see if her actions are pointing toward that. If not, then she's just an attention-seeking immature little girl, and you need to not put up with it anymore. The whole thing about her telling you about the girl getting raped in the subway? She did that to scare you and to make you feel bad, because... (16 replies)
... You're not happy anymore, she's driving you insane, so what is keeping you there? ... (6 replies)

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