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... at smashes her head off of a window and pulls her hair out because you were offended that she wouldn't do something as simple as carry a jar of sauce. She is way emotionally unstable and needs to be committed lol. If I was in his shoes and got no help I am POSITIVE I definitely would have a harsh tone too. ... (67 replies)
... in my opinion, the root of the problem is that your girlfriend is comfortable in the role of "victim". You want to be the white knight and rescue the damsel in distress. ... (48 replies)
May 23, 2018
... ties of our school making me so busy and continue my hobby in painting. During school days, I notice some of my classmates stares me badly especially his current girlfriend throwing stares at me but I pretend like not affected in the condition of the situation. ... (1 replies)

... e my legs without pain, and he got annoyed and snapped at me "would you quit scraping your feet, it's annoying me!!" I teared up there in the store aisle, not to emotionally black mail him, but because what he said to me was incredibly disrespectful and rude and insensitive. ... (67 replies)
... rational and very black and white, but by no means an emotional robot. The girlfriend seems sensitive and a bit immature. ... (67 replies)
... GypsyArcher, yet again I have no defence. What both you and goody2shuz have just said is making me disgusted with myself. It doesn't help that I was just speaking to my mum about this and she told me to persist until Sara dumps her boyfriend and goes out with me. But my mum never did know what was for the best... I think I really am going to have to stop pursuing Sara.... (60 replies)
... o cut off all contact with Sara, telling her that when she is single again and wants to date you, then she can call you. Now, I would think that a guy who is so emotionally unstable that he threatens suicide if his girlfriend leaves him would also be the psychotically jealous kind. ... (60 replies)
... i think you should break up w this girl, just my opnion. i know you probably love her and want to "help" her, but it sounds like she is a very unstable person. ... (13 replies)
... 7 months into a relationship is technically still the "honeymoon" period. It's pretty concerning that you argue several times a week. The other thing that is concerning is how he "convinces" you all of these arguments are your fault. He is obviously very manipulative and has done a very good job at wearing you down. That is why you are so willing to put up with your... (4 replies)
... y, If I could just shut up and not constantly need reassurance, if I could listen to him when he says we'll talk another time...none of this would happen. I feel emotionally unstable. Yes, he made the choice to go out of control...but I drove him there. ... (4 replies)
... I feel the same way about environmental issues and wouldnt consider using a bag unless it was absolutely necessary, but it wouldn’t even occur to me to tell my bf if and when he could use a bag - that's his choice. It’s highly unlikely she was crying and sobbing simply because you opposed her getting a bag for the sauce; lets get real here. What you've got to... (67 replies)
I am crushed...
Oct 19, 2005
... You are not broken up because you strayed from God and the path or righteousness and turned him against you. You are not together because he's an emotionally unstable man who never really loved you and used the Lord as excuses to treat you badly. ... (30 replies)
... Ron many women have tried your "advice" in their relationships only for it not to work. I think every relationship is different. A woman can treat a man like a King and he not respond only because "shes not the one for him". I do think alot more goes into men and women then what you suggest. I have met men that treat me wonderful, but I just don't have the spark for them... (89 replies)
... Hi Goody, So... I am chauvanistic? When something is said which you agree with, it is often easy to blindly follow while defending your belief like an angry bull. That is the reason why certain talk show hosts either have devoted followers or passionate haters. The same thing happened during the federal election, when one side hated the incumbent and would have... (89 replies)
... year, she always slept over, we were always on the phone, alway's knew what the other one was doing, yet we were not going out. In my mind, I considered her my girlfriend as I didn't really talk to other girls, or pursue any other women. Guess what? ... (5 replies)
... etty clear that you two need to get the heck away from each other, like yesterday. Obviously, you know that it is neither normal nor healthy for a boyfriend and girlfriend to abuse each other, physically, verbally, emotionally, whatever. ... (31 replies)
... a lair. I have spoke to her shortly about our relationship and than she makes up a bunch of lies about what I said. It seems every time I am on the phone with my girlfriend I have to compete with her mother. Her mother is always interupting my conversation with complete pointless crap. ... (17 replies)
... twist everything around and make you worry that he'll leave you if you don't accept and go along with everything he wants. That's controlling, manipulative, and emotionally abusive. ... (23 replies)

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