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... hint, hangs out with a guy who is suicidal, spends the night with HIM playing games etc... ... (13 replies)
... I dated my ex for 8 months and his jealousy never got better. I couldn't be with my friends without him hanging around. He always wanted to be there with me. I hardly ever had free time! He was there when I got off work and he would be there until I was ready to go to bed. ... (9 replies)
... for god's sake staying up half the night with someone he KNOWS has a crush on him! Mature people dont do this. ... (13 replies)

Feb 23, 2011
... g them up in everyday conversation sometimes and even tho she's saying it innocently i just never felt comfortable hearing about them so often. She's was friends with almost all of them except for one of her really bad ones. But she even brings him up in conversation sometimes tho. ... (3 replies)
... going to parties, drinking, hooking up with girls, etc. ... (8 replies)
... I had such a bad night last night. I let something a guy friend said get to me really bad and just ended up crying all night long with a bottle of whiskey. ... (63 replies)
... What my brother would have done is, well, first of all, my brother has never cheated on any of his girlfriends. In fact his last girlfriend said he was the most repsectful man she's ever met in her life. ... (31 replies)
... Are you ever invited to come along when he hangs out with the guys? ... (21 replies)
... I really dont know what to do or why Im feeling like this but I would really appreciate your guys input.Ok,Ive been going out with this guy for about 2 weeks,hes really cool,hangs out with all the people I do and he treats me really well,calls whenever he says he will,compliments me,listens. ... (9 replies)
... Yes we are exclusive and we love eachother...and like I said, he offered to not hang out with them anymore, and he wasn't being a smartass about it, in fact, he was quite serious. ... (14 replies)
... Because how much is he taking you out to enjoy your company? ... (9 replies)
... you have a ton of people on your side that are good people who are telling you it's not your fault, then you have one guy who is only trying to hurt you with emotional abusement and make you feel like everything is your fault. Okay you decide to believe this jerk why? ... (120 replies)
... and i said "well i thought ud be out wiht your friends so i called at 10" and he went "you dont know crap". and then we started fighting. and then hes starts calling me a ho. ... (120 replies)
... changed, and...look into the future. Do you see yourself being able to be happy, with work? ... (8 replies)
... of mine meet him they always inquire about him or say ,"wow! he's cute". He's just so afraid of being hurt, that he doesn't even want to get involved. His last girlfriend broke up with him almost 3 years ago. He still can't get over her. He won't go to the north side of town, just because that's where she hangs out... ... (16 replies)
... First of all, if your girlfriend had sex but doesn't remember it, or who it was or anything, then she didn't go out and sleep with someone else, she was raped. If the woman is unwilling OR UNABLE to give consent, it's rape. Yes, sounds like some jerk slipped her a roofie and raped her. ... (4 replies)
... why stay with him? ... (15 replies)
Describe the last
Nov 19, 2005
... I need to be with someone I am physically drawn to, and compatible with. ... (21 replies)
... t important thing to realize, though, is that it is JUST a crush. It's a lot different being turned down by someone you never dated then going through a breakup with someone who you actually dated for awhile. ... (14 replies)

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