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... I'm having a lot of trouble dealing with this break up, usually I'm pretty strong minded but I have never felt like this before, can't sleep can't eat the is a hole in my gut that churns and when it does I can't breathe it feels like someone is pulling the air out of my chest. ... (3 replies)
... About her not driving what she told me is she never got a license because her mother would never teach her how to drive and she said she did have a cheap car she bought a few years ago but her mother sold it without her knowing and keeping the money. ... (12 replies)
... My girlfriend of 2 years will make an argument out of anything! Sometimes she will act so pissed of and upset and I do not have a clue why! I have to ask her and ask her untill she finally decides to tell me, and when she does I cannot believe how irrationale her reasoning is. ... (62 replies)

... wow I'd take what she said to you as a're off the go do your life and let her go do hers...... ... (62 replies)
... No, I never heard from Nick again. He's back from Greece now. I feel bad that it didn't work out, but I didn't want to prolong the inevitable. ... (16 replies)
... Things started off great, besides a minor mishap where she broke up with me three days after we first started dating, but we soon got back together just a couple weeks later, and have been together ever since. ... (25 replies)
... I read these two posts then went back and read your other threads. It seems you do want to have a girlfriend, but you don't act friendly even to people here that at least cared enough to read your posts and respond to you. ... (22 replies)
... For the past few weeks my girlfriend has been pissing me off alot. Last week she just became so cold and just said oh we need a break, i was actually crying as i drove her home and she didnt care one bit. when she left she just said im sorry i made you feel sad and went in her house. ... (6 replies)
... My personal feeling is that analyzing the details of a relationship, particularly such a new relationship, will only turn out this the toxic friend you have who always seems out to sabotage you? ... (176 replies)
... But from your initial telling of the story, you asked her to carry the bottle, she had no problem with it until you INSISTED she carry it by hand rather than in a bag. i can only assume your tone even at that point was rather rude or at least short but I don't know, I wasn't there. ... (67 replies)
... hread and your description of what has been going on, it seems that you obsessed about a woman, she didn't show an interest in you, and so then your mind created a string of downers that may not have a single thing to do with why she was not interested in you. ... (26 replies)
... willed, impatient, especially when it comes to needing to reassure someone or if someone is acting clingy, and pretty stubborn. I've never longed for a boyfriend or more friends when I didn't have one, as I'm perfectly happy, sometimes even happier, enjoying my own company than being around other people. ... (5 replies)
... Cuddly, I had a similar experience. I dated a guy who had many friends, none of whom seemed to like me very much, or who seemed to want to talk to me or whatever. ... (16 replies)
... wow. okay. i also, like some of the previous posters, remember you speaking of him in a different thread. his behaviour in this case really pissed me off. ... (20 replies)
... rn is that you are not getting the same effort and commitment you put into the relationship in return from her because she is not really capable or interested in a mature relationship. ... (23 replies)
... Ok, I'm 21 and my boyfriend of 2 years and 5 months is 23. In the beginning of the relationship we hardly every fought, but now we fight a lot. I would say it started around after Christmas of 06'. Some days he can be the nicest person in the world, and other days he is just so downright nasty. ... (6 replies)
... the wordiness, but I think all of this is very relevant and at least an entertaining read for the drama that is my life. Ultimately, the current state of things has me certainly doubting if we should still get married. ... (6 replies)
... daughter Kelly, moved in with her girlfriend and her family. ... (35 replies)
X Called Today!
Jun 10, 2005
... Wow, madhatter, this is an incredible turn of events. I've been in your exact situation before. Suddenly, she has a conscience and feels all bad about what happened and she misses you. Lets be honest, she wants you back, my friend...and your honestly thinking about taking her back. ... (11 replies)
... n he and I started dating again in 11th gr. Well, he told me he loved me since he met me. I had feelings for him too. One night he lost his virginity with me and a few weeks later I found out I'm pregnant. These started getting rocky in the first month or so of my pregnancy and my hormones changed drastically. ... (51 replies)

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