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... For the past few weeks my girlfriend has been pissing me off alot. ... (6 replies)
Girlfriend traits
Jun 18, 2011
... She has always been a liar and new thins have come to light that suggest she may be a thief too. ... (8 replies)
... I think taking her to see a paster is also a good idea because she will more likely to listen to the pastor because of this connection she feels she has with god. Maybe she will see things from his perspective if she talks to him. ... (8 replies)

... Basically, I've been with my girlfriend for almost 10 years. I am 31 and she is 26. We have been through a lot together. ... (1 replies)
... Well, I have been there. I was about the same age as you are now. The woman had two children from a previous marriage and came from a disadvantaged family, just like your girl. It didn't work out for me or should I say for both of us. While we were living in separate houses, my relationship with kids was if not great quite passable. As soon as we moved together, I started to... (22 replies)
... of the time, and her daughter is exceedingly well behaved. My girlfriend does not have too bad of a temper, although I am somewhat concerned about some of her drinking habits on occasion. ... (22 replies)
... t me much better than any of my exes...very attentive, very sweet, he would surprise me with different things...but all that is erased after he betrayed me. The girlfriend he had before me...what a headcase! She would show up at all hours of the night and aruge with him. ... (61 replies)
... I had a guy that treated me how you treated her. I never cheated or lied to my ex. I never cheated or lied to anyone!! I'm so honest and faithful and always get bad things happen to me. You are a nice guy and deserve a woman that will respect and love you. I'm sorry you wasted those years, but don't waste anymore! ... (75 replies)
... I have posted 2 threads in this forum over the past 4 years. Both were about my girlfriend and how out of order she has been. ... (75 replies)
... whole mood swing thing that we also as women can't stand ourselves during that time...But, as I said if this is an regular basis every week then I agree the girl has issues and walk away from that whole scene..... ... (16 replies)
... My girlfriend has ALWAYS tended to have a temper to over react or take things WAY too seriously. ... (6 replies)
... However, he has a side to him that's very emotionally abusive towards me. His ex girlfriend told me that he has really bad anger issues, but since him and I were getting along so well, I didn't exactly believe her... until now. ... (23 replies)
... you are feeling so low, I know exactly how you feel hun. I know you will miss your mother terribly, but Im sure that she is part of the reason your relationship has been strained on top of having a new baby. Its VERY difficult living with other family members in the house. ... (19 replies)
... his bad temper... ... (3 replies)
... I had 2 other serious relationships. Each about 5 years. In my other relationships WE would yell and or curse at each other without thinking twice, letting our bad temper get the best of us. We would fight about anything! I thought this was "normal", just passionate love. I was waaay wrong!! ... (12 replies)
... r myself. i needed to type and i want others to be able to read about my experience. i am not playing the victim, i am just speaking of my experience, and how it has made me feel. ... (1 replies)
... Now a year ago he met his girlfriend and he was happier than ever. After about 6 months me and my wife started getting phonecalls from his girlfriend with my brother in law screaming bad words in the background, her crying. Them fighting. More and more often on a weekly basis. ... (16 replies)
Jul 26, 2004
... ld tell he wasn't too happy. I felt the tension building ALL week long, even though he was showing up at my house making it look like he was sucking up to me. He has been angry since I blew up at him last Friday. Apparently, he feels that I have no right to demand extra attention from him. ... (42 replies)
... You have a temper problem and get mad so easily at things. I never curse at you first, or call you names first, and you just blow up for no reason. ... (6 replies)
... is that you can TALK to your girlfriend about how you feel. ... (3 replies)

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