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... of the time. I obviously have regular contact with my Ex in regards to them. My Ex does not care for my Girlfriend much and has made comments to the girls and to me about her. ... (48 replies)
... Your Ex hates your girlfriend. ... (48 replies)
... Change girlfriend since ex and daughters you have to have in your life. ... (48 replies)

... but I still stand over my opinion, that based on what you've said here, it was your EX who caused the initial problems. ... (48 replies)
... An ex wifes point of view here. Dont run away now! ... (48 replies)
... I want to clarify a few things. One is that Although I think my Ex wished we were still together for the kids sake I think that is all it is. She has a boyfriend. He is really good to her and the kids. I like him actually. ... (48 replies)
... It's really hard to advise in this situation because there are three versions of the truth here, yours, your girlfriend's, and your ex wife's, and we are only hearing one version. How can we be sure your ex really did back off? ... (48 replies)
... rbors feelings or dreams of getting her husband back, and will try to chase off any new woman and bad mouths her to the kids, and the man's relatiosnhip with the ex and the kids is so much more important to him than siding with his new woman at least to a nice degree, then it's better off if he stay single. ... (48 replies)
... If you cant see that it was your EX who caused all the trouble here I really dont know what to say to you. ... (48 replies)
... Third, your gf needs to get over it or you need to find yourself another gf. Yes, there were issues in the beginning, but you defended her and your ex backed off. I'm been the ex who didn't like the girlfriend. I said some not so nice things to my ex just like he said things to me about my now husband. ... (48 replies)
... into and well breaking up stinks and you are hurt for doing this but maybe some time to sort out what is going on will help you. Was gf saying bad things about ex infront of kids? ... (48 replies)
... I think, as Nina says, that the only way through it is to keep talking to your girlfriend and to set some very clear boundaries with you EX. If your girlfriend sees you doing this, she'll know her positon is not being disrespected. ... (48 replies)
... but things were not always so great. My husband also has two children from a previous relationship and lets just say that his ex partner created hell for him and any relationships he had and then tried to do the same to our relationship. ... (48 replies)
... more. YOU can make your GF feel secure enough to accept your children. I fully understand that you need to be with your daughters but I don't really see why your ex should be part of your life. ... (48 replies)
... er, I am in a similar situation to your girlfriend's. If she really loves you and you love her, you need to set borders with your ex. It is simple, you tell your ex flat out that she is not welcome to call at anytime she likes and that she can leave a message when your daughters are involved. ... (48 replies)
... i understand this from both sides. i am the ex that does not like my stbxh's gf. and i am the gf that my bf's ex doesn't like and i don't care for her too much either. ... (48 replies)
... If she cannot tollerate the EX wife then really you will have to choose your kids...they are the most important thing...not the EX...the kids! If your EX truely is being mature as you say. ... (48 replies)
... thats what i can't figure out. i have two kids with my ex and my bf has two kids with his ex. ... (48 replies)
... man could end up having issues with an ex that wants to cause trouble. Has nothing to do with maturity. I have a great relationship with my ex. But my bf doesn't have that with his ex. ... (48 replies)
... THere can be a ballance withe the RIGHT woman. Your kids come first then your relationship with your ex does. Because your kids will see how you treat your ex and they will learn from that. Dont forget girls will want to have boyfriends that mimic their dads and boys their moms. But they wont ever admit that. ... (48 replies)

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