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... ou are going through this, but I am sure that your gf is only hurt and she might be missing you equally. You will get back together when you assure her that your ex is not allowed to threaten and intrude your privacy as a couple. ... (48 replies)
... enough in themselves to handle an ex. A very good friend of mine is dating a guy that had been married and has three kids. My friend gets along so well with the ex that when they went to Mexico for vacation, EVERYONE went! ... (48 replies)
... just be glad you have a good relationship with your ex for your kids sake. ... (48 replies)

... Watch out! first step, get rid of the Ex, next the kids have to go..this female wants you all to herself. The past problems with the ex are just an excuse now...she feels threatened and is basically trying to make you choose. This will not get better. ... (48 replies)
... Yes she knew when she met him that he has kids and an EX, what she didnt know was that she'd have to deal with being verbally abused by the kids mother. I have to state it is not true that a woman necessarily prefers a man does not have kids in his life. My bf has two teenaged boys, the younger of the two lives with us; he's the image of his dad, incidentally. Both his... (48 replies)
... Well, for what it is worth, I was your gf years ago. Lived with a guy who had a child and an ex. HATED all of it. Eventually, it is what broke us apart. Since I went through it, I can tell you it is not going to change. Some women are very adept at handling these types of situations, but if she is young (I was 23 back then), insecure, jealous, she is only going to... (48 replies)
... an except that its 2007 now most of the time when you meet someone they have baggage there will be kids and exs invoved. im a gf i pressure my fiance to take his ex to court to get visitation because we have our son togther so my son has a half sister that he cant see until shes 18 because the mother is being a jerk. ... (48 replies)
... EXACTLY RIGHT! I totally agree, your like me, I left my sons father, but we remain freinds and comminicate often regarding OUR son. My partner accepts the situation, and accepts that it will never change, OUR son comes first and always will and my partner knows and totally respects and understands that. Does your girlfriends daughters father still keep in touch with them?... (48 replies)
... was staying in constant contact with his EX gf and I finally just said.."Hey...I'm leaving if this doesn't stop"...he was sneaking around to see her and communicate with her. ... (48 replies)
... I totally agree with this. My Ex is horrible for saying anything or involving the girls in any way. ... (48 replies)
... I feel like you all have given me the support to actually end things with her...don't get me wrong I am not ending it because some of you think I should...I am because I think I should, but this time with your suport I feel like I can actually go through with it...there is hope that there are Women out there that will be okay with an EX..I just want to be happy and right now... (48 replies)
... at staying single is not the only option. If you date a woman who is interested in an adult relationship, she will make the effort. It doesn't matter whether the ex is trying to sabatoge. A smart woman will ignore it and handle it with grace. ... (48 replies)
... its sad that you are ending your relationship with someone you love. if you are looking for someone to be perfect with the situation you have told may wanna stay single until your kids are grown because its gonna be hard in any relationship you try to be in..unless it is back with your ex..good luck and best wishs... (48 replies)
... Definitely consider telling your girlfriend that you can't continue if she is this jealous. It's not unrealistic to expect adults to try to get along. ... (48 replies)
... you need to get rid of the girlfriend. this is something that will always persist and never go have kids.....that's not changing. you need to find someone who will accept that. (48 replies)
... My husband works horrendous hours six days a week, has a boss from hell and he hates his job pressures too, but he still asks me about my job, life etc. ... (15 replies)
... He matched with his ex girlfriend on it and he was asking her weird questions. They were together for nearly 3 years and he was asking her if she hates him. Why does he care? ... (10 replies)
... My girlfriend and I have been together for awhile now. Shes always said she trusts but now i dont now. Recently one of my friends started dating one of my ex girlfriends. ... (6 replies)
... ANYWAY.....I came to France with Michael with a totally open mind, aware that he had children but also feeling as though the ex should not be too much of a problem given that they had FULLY broken up 7 years ago. ... (6 replies)
... hates my ex girlfriend" syndrome and they will end their friendship over you not coming to a party, thats lame. ... (6 replies)

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