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... Exactly, well said SophiaM. There are many men that like big women. A friend of mine only dated larger women and now is married to one. He is physically attracted to that so thats just fine, but too force yourself to be with someone that you find attractive, BUT do not find physically attractive is ridiculous. ... (22 replies)
... I completely agree with you, Elatedgiraffe. Attraction is a part of the package, like it or not. ... (22 replies)
... ssed that recently her sexual desire for me had not been as strong as it was before, and that perhaps we should take a break from each other. But fearing losing my companionship, she agreed to stay with me and try to figure things out. ... (10 replies)

... It's funny, we often find themselves attracted to people who are different than ourselves in some way. I think Carl Jung said it is because we are trying to incorporate that different side into ourselves. But, so often, after a couple years, we tire of the differences between us and actually start resenting them. ... (4 replies)
... um...actually...all signs point to 'he lost my number' or 'he has a girlfriend' if we wanna be that negative about it. ... (13 replies)
... ve been in a relationship for about two years now. I really love being with my girlfriend. I met her when I first moved to Seattle after grad school and we starting dating pretty much immediately. ... (13 replies)
Im so confused
Jan 3, 2005
... I recently broke up with my girlfriend of almost 2 years. We've been through alot together, lots of ups and downs. I guess my biggest problem was how inconsistent i was. You see, i was never really physically attracted to my girlfriend. ... (8 replies)
... tive people, unless there are other positive attributes the person has that outweigh his or her looks, or lack there of. It sounds harsh, but I really think that is the way it works. So I think that if you really want one of those attractive women and not a plain jane, you have to work on your personality... ... (98 replies)
... yes, statistics are essentially meaningless, because they can be manipulated to support whatever claim the researchers want to prove. ... (9 replies)
... you'll hurt her more to stay with her knowing that you don't want to than you will to end things. The longer she's with you the more emotionally invested she will become. Better to break it off one month in than one year. ... (17 replies)
... Would you be happier if your girlfriend looked like a dog? ... (16 replies)
... I tend to agree with Mario. It is glaringly obvious from your post how little respect, not to mention love, you have for your girlfriend. ... (10 replies)
... Ok this is the first time I've ever shared this with ANYONE, so bear with me. ... (25 replies)
... I've been dating my girlfriend for almost two years. But am confused by my lack of desire to have sex with her now. I love hanging out with her, joking around with her, watching shows, talking, holding her, and falling asleep with her in my arms. ... (8 replies)
... This is very hard for me to write cos im a very, very proud person but i just have to let it out. ... (11 replies)
A little issue
Sep 5, 2005
... NO, you don't have freakishly high sex drive! It sounds VERY normal to me. Unfortunately, it looks like you and your bf are sexually incompatible. It happens, unfortunately. This is what he's satisfied with, it seems. ... (19 replies)
... but i need to be attracted to her. I suppose i like girls who are a little bit silly and clumbsy cos i find it cute but nothing is set in stone, im open to anybody and am in no position to be picky. ... (11 replies)
... Well I'm not pissed at all, I actually sympathize with you. I think you're about to learn a lesson the hard way though. ... (24 replies)
... end of story. Just dont mention weight, whatever you do! You'd only give the poor girl a complex she dosent need. It's tough enough to be dumped without being left with self image issues to deal with too. ... (17 replies)
... Because when you not with her, it gives you time to think. Are you uncomfortable being around her when your with other people? ... (22 replies)

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