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... He should be running in the opposite direction of that women despite the effort! Single gets old IMO I want loyal, loving women who thinks I'm it! (16 replies)
... This girl is the definition of the word manipulation look manipulation up in the dictionary......I bet you'll find her picture. :angel: (16 replies)
... use she wanted you to be all upset about it. Manipulation tactic. And I'll bet she probably DIDN'T hydroplane in her car, but she told you she did, because she is manipulating you. ... (16 replies)

... You're not happy anymore, she's driving you insane, so what is keeping you there? ... (6 replies)
... sorry, I hope she's nice and everything and you have some fun, but I think it is insane to call yourself the girlfriend of someone and profess your desire to marry them when you haven't even ever seen each other in person. ... (13 replies)
... Only you can know for sure if this incident is enough for you to decide to commit to your girlfriend. If yolu find wanting other women again, perhaps therapy might help. ... (5 replies)
... nutrition connection, one of them is by Mia Lundin called "female brain gone insane". Google it.. ... (17 replies)
... ng you posted about her makes her sound totally schizo, I'm finding it really hard to believe she's as great as you claim now that she is. That kind of behavior is neither sweet nor caring. You made it sound like she does this kind of thing often. ... (16 replies)
... She is playing a toxic game of "Come closer so I can slap you". ... (16 replies)
... is that there IS a corner down the way a bit, and you WILL turn that corner.... ... (26 replies)
... if you are studying a psych major then you will realise this is not normal behaviour. also stop making excuses for her. she should be an adult and be accountable for her actions, not making up childish excuses. ... (16 replies)
... Hope noone minds the double post, but now she is texting me telling me things like WOOHOO I AM SO HAPPY. ... (16 replies)
... they know when I say somthing I mean it. but for the talking to women thing they never like the fact that I say what I am thinking not what they want to hear. it is rough when all your friends are like, just say what they want to hear and it will be all good. ... (5 replies)
... Listen, my birthday is coming up in a few days too. Buy ME a gift instead, I will appreciate it more. ... (13 replies)
... First, don't be ashamed to be sad. You love this girl, and the breakup is devastating. Breaking down is an outlet, and you need it. Trust me. ... (7 replies)
... You're right, and honestly, today i was just about ready to end it but the thought of the prom is in the back of my mind and i cant get myself around to saying it. ... (108 replies)
... This coming Thursday it will be one year since my girlfriend and myself met. I had never been with another girl before her or had a previouse relationship. I am on the edge of insanity. ... (1 replies)
... Actually, this doesn't sound like it is something that happens all the time, but if everyone ran every time someone acts out of the norm as men say "drama queen".... ... (16 replies)
... ferent at times in our live, so maybe what you see yourself as she might not be seeing the same...So maybe you might want to just come right out and ask her what is her complaint? ... (16 replies)
... Get away from this girl and do it fast. This is a preview of what your life would be like were you to stay with her. ... (16 replies)

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