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... ut your past, but she has no right to get MAD about it. Don't shower her with compliments that you don't mean, as this will only build up more problems. If she is saying "Oh, your other girlfriend had a nicer body than me." don't start with the, "No, of course not". ... (21 replies)
... o marry him. he makes me feel like i'm not "good enough" in his eyes to be his wife, but i'm "good enough" to play house with. he hardly keeps a job, but when he is working i don't see any of the money. he's always got an excuse on where the money has to go, but it never makes it there..... it just disappears. ... (9 replies)
... I know my story is long, but I really do not know where else to go. I'd just like some insight, I suppose. ... (1 replies)

Should I snoop?
Jan 7, 2011
... It honestly sounds like he is a liar, and a cheat. The bad thing for you is that he isnt just cheating on you, but whoever it is that he is living with and hiding you from. ... (38 replies)
Should I snoop?
Dec 31, 2010
... He is obviously hiding something, and even if he weren't, why would you want to be with someone who behaves like that? ... (38 replies)
... don't know whether I'm looking for advice or just looking for a way to vent. My mind is driving me's wearing me thinner and thinner and I'm at my wit's end. ... (7 replies)
... ex only. It's much deeper for us, it's not all about sex. Which brings me to emotional affairs that are, due or thanks to Internet, widely spread nowadays. There is no sex there, no physical contact yet people literally crave the company of that one special person. ... (29 replies)
... I feel like it still just hapened. I just dont understand why. I thought he loved me. He tells me he still does yet he continues to talk to the other girl. Here is what happened. He met a girl at work and told her all about me, bad things of course. Then he told her we were broken up but I was still living in the house. ... (16 replies)
... I know that it all sounds insane and alot of Drama like Chevy said. This man didnt have his eye on me at all. ... (24 replies)
... To the people who have kept up with my threads, yes, this is the same girl. ... (22 replies)
... OK I have posted about this before. I have a boyfriend, this bloke has a girlfriend, that isn't the issue, but the man is driving me crazy and not in a good way. Please be patient, feel free to skim read, but any advice would be great. I don't deal with people issues well! ... (2 replies)
Soo depressed
Dec 4, 2006
... ily of sorts,but he made it so difficult. He said "she gets really jealous. I can hardly even believe she would care since the only relationship she has with him is chrismas ar birthday that she is asking something or recieving something. It just hurt really bad. ... (10 replies)
... Wow, Lion, I really liked your initial post.. it was inspiring, and very well articulated... thankyou. Yes I'm the one 'pining for my ex' I suppose, but it is not all a big damaging endeavour... ... (94 replies)
... What is the best way to deal with someone who acts completely against all logic and reason? ... (10 replies)
... Hi everyone. I hope all is well. ... (4 replies)
... Speaking from personal experience, I know exactly how it is to feel paranoid and wondering what he's doing...I still do. I asked him at least 3X if there was another girl when we broke up and he said no. ... (38 replies)
... managment along with a girlfriend sure showed! He also cant handle failure well and he wasnt doing so hot. He has huge expectations of himself. ... (92 replies)
... Believe me I have been talking with him a lot lately about this debt. And everytime it is brought up I remind him how his mother and step dad had no problem doing this, they dont feel guilty and that they do not care. ... (30 replies)
... his is more an exception rather than the rule, so I don't think Guy should take this as any kind of standard in what's typical in a marriage and then see his own girlfriend in an unfavorable light because of this. ... (128 replies)
... confused by this. He still manages to contact me though. Like I said earlier, he will call me from blocked numbers and just listen to what i am doing. I know it is him because it only happens when he and i fight. The phone calls are usually 2am after the bars close. ... (6 replies)

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