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... For the past 5 or so months I have been realising I am not that happy being in a relationship. ... (20 replies)
... Sorry I haven't posted in awhile, I've been exhausted trying to get the new apartment ready and moving. Thanks for the concern supertrooper and congratulations to Cansu for getting your boyfriend out of your house. I am very close myself where that's concerned. ... (25 replies)
So hard to do this
Jul 28, 2003
... I have been going out with somebody for 6 months or so and I have decided that I need to end the relationship. ... (24 replies)

... My boyfriend and I have been together for 8 years. You'd think that's a long time and a lot has been established with us. However, recently things have just been going down hill. ... (4 replies)
... Nini, I would not take this girlfriend dumping "advice" seriously at all. ... (85 replies)
... Okay so I went out with my boyfriend and his brother and his girlfriend last night to a pool bar and for some reason when we go out with them we end up fighting but maybe that's a coincidence. ... (2 replies)
... Well, you say right off the bat that this bloke has a girlfriend but that's not the issue, but actually, it seems it is the issue. I'm getting mixed signals just reading your post so I don't think it's impossible that this bloke has gotten mixed signals from you as well. ... (2 replies)
... I feel really bad for you Marie. You sound like an all around nice person and I know this must hurt a lot. I have an idea of what your bf is doing but I can't be sure of course. Let me explain. ... (12 replies)
Feeling like....
Feb 3, 2005
... He now has his car running and mine is in my hands again. Thank god, it's great to have your own wheels again. ... (30 replies)
... understand why that would be a justification for trying to be "friends" with this abusive coward. I think you're just mad as heck that he dared to find another girlfriend so soon, and you're ticked off about the possibility that he didn't love you or doesn't love you anymore if he did. ... (27 replies)
... My girlfriend and I only get to see each other once or twice a week because of our schedules. ... (7 replies)
What to do?
Mar 17, 2008
... m really not going to,but he doesn't trust me at all.also i've always been one to have more guy friends then girl friends and he doesn't understand that.He gets mad when i even look at another guy.I stopped hanging out with all my friends and changed myself to pretty much how he wants me give or take a few things. ... (8 replies)
... now wife sold him her old car. The original agreement was he was going to pay it all off at once out of a fat check he got from his last job. He didn't and swore to pay "a couple payments a week" on it from his unemployment. ... (23 replies)
She lied to me.
Oct 16, 2009
... So I am waiting for my girlfriend to come home. She makes it sound like it is just her coming home. And then she calls 5 minutes away and says her teacher friends need to use our bathroom. ... (29 replies)
... This is another bit of "relationship theory" that I was thinking about. ... (4 replies)
... I'm 25 and having some girlfriend issues. ... (12 replies)
Am I insecure?
Jun 17, 2008
... So my girlfriend and I live together she is 20 im 22. We have only been dating for about ten months. ... (10 replies)
... Well, first of all your boyfriend just sounds very immature. And yes, I think he's still thinking like a young, single, free male and not like someone who is in a commited relationship. ... (16 replies)
... Me and my girlfriend have been together for a couple months. we've never had any arguments until recently but we squash them pretty quickly. ... (9 replies)
... s that intolerent of your feelings, is grossly insensitive to your needs or feelings and refuses to see why you're upset until you actually cry, and then he gets mad or feels he's being manipulated or that you're just trying to get attention or get him to feel sorry you because you cry, you really should say goodbye. ... (38 replies)

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