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... honestly truly think she hasn't actually physically cheated on me. And yes I will say I find it odd that three people from the same work place all came on to my girlfriend around the same time. ... (12 replies)
... However I was with my girlfriend before the problems started with my ex and before separation from my daughter...everything was great. ... (20 replies)
... I will not presume why she has them, no one on this board knows this, despite the fact that most people seem to think she is bringing them on herself. ... (34 replies)

... June 5th, August 2002, my girlfriend went to England to visit her brother stationed in the air force. ... (7 replies)
... First off, she is overweight and disabled. ... (5 replies)
... you will just make it miserable for the both of you. It nice to see that you when out with her to look beyond that but for some reason you cant get over that she is overweight. ... (22 replies)
... n she has been jealous of some of my boyfriends and my other friends. Anytime I spend alot of time with someone else she seems to make negative comments and she is very good at manipulating where you don't even realize it unless you really think about it. ... (4 replies)
... I do think the original poster does love his girlfriend. I do believe his girlfriend has issues that she needs to deal with. ... (38 replies)
... I tend to agree with Mario. It is glaringly obvious from your post how little respect, not to mention love, you have for your girlfriend. ... (10 replies)
... absolutely nothing wrong with having a preference. In choosing a partner, many things come into play. if you are active, it would be difficult to date a severely overweight person that cannot enjoy your lifestyle. Im pretty active, especially with my kids. We like to go biking, hiking... ... (22 replies)
... Maybe there is there a male physiological thing that goes on or something? ... (22 replies)
... important, deluded, but she did at least have some girl friends at college. She was also fairly overweight and was also just inescapably unattractive in terms of her face and body proportions. ... (9 replies)
... As has been pointed out, your girlfriend is undoubtedly aware of the fact that she is overweight and out of shape. She is the one in the body, after all. ... (16 replies)
... Well I'm about 5'9 155lbs. I have and never will be attracted to overweight girls. A few extra lbs, can be sexy. ... (18 replies)
... I was overweight a few years ago and was put on Phentermine by my doctor. I loved it. ... (6 replies)
... thanks for your quick reply, yer your probablly right, its a hard thing to deal with, it helps show im strong in a way that i can live a good relationship without sex but it also can make me sad, wishing we had that element back in our lives. either way i need to talk with her more about it, i guess i need to work on how i approach the conversation (7 replies)
... my previous relationships but not so much in this one. ... he has tried hypnotherapy , doctors, specialitsts, etc and they cant find a problem.. at the moment he is taking medication for it.... ... (7 replies)
... K, . . . but also what that weight does to a body's health. I'm right with you there! If you care about someone, you want them to be with you, and healthy. It is a medical fact that being overweight, like your girlfriend is hard on the body. ... (38 replies)
... I agree with EVERYTHING she said. That's the advice I woulda given ;-) (9 replies)
... Stop with the drama. No one cares about who Sarah is dating at the office, how a salesperson "looked" at you eyeing that bikini as if you shouldn't be wearing it. ... (9 replies)

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