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... I agree with you.I think your personalities are mismatched also.Now comes the hard part.How do you breakup with someone that is suicidal? ... (67 replies)
... I seem to get into these arguments with my girlfriend over ridiculous things. ... (67 replies)
... i was so angry because he straight up lied to me about being mentally ill. that is just, really not something to kid about. ... (32 replies)

... who cares if it had a bag or not, she shouldn't even have to question him for a bag she should just carry the jar and not be such a baby about it i mean how hard is it carry a little jar while he is carrying everything else? ... (67 replies)
... There you go. The OP needs to be with a girl more like you, and his girlfriend, after she grows up and gets her head on a bit straighter, needs to be with a man who doesn't freak out at tears and doesn't mind a sensitive woman. (67 replies)
... a rather emotionally driven person, depending on how tired I am, I tend to be a bit more weepy when I'm exhausted and sleep deprived, and depending on what else is going on in my life. I didn't cry very much with my ex boyfriend, until the relationship started going south. ... (67 replies)
... I agree if you cannot handle a woman crying, you definately dont want to marry a woman who is very sensitive... did you ever think that she may have been crying because you hurt her feelings? ... (67 replies)
... i think you should break up w this girl, just my opnion. i know you probably love her and want to "help" her, but it sounds like she is a very unstable person. ... (13 replies)
... use she wanted you to be all upset about it. Manipulation tactic. And I'll bet she probably DIDN'T hydroplane in her car, but she told you she did, because she is manipulating you. ... (16 replies)
... I know the other responders meant well, but I really think you're completely missing the point to be focusing on her not moving in as the main problem in your relationship. What about the fact that she expects you to wait on her hand and foot, sends pictures of herself to guys she flirts with online, throws big fits and then pouts and demands you apologize, treats you like a... (28 replies)
... This is only going to hurt you in the long run. You are better off trying to find your perfect match. Everyone gets dumped once or twice. She will survive. ... (67 replies)
... i know this is a far reach...but could she be with some sort of terminal illness? ... (67 replies)
... I know it dosent add anything for benefit of the OP, but I couldnt help mentioning that I love that whole Texan "yalls" thing! :D (67 replies)
... FREAKY. Totally inappropriate. I agree that crying, and sometimes weeping, during an arguement on a particularly hormonal or stressful day is not uncommon for most women. Even when I'm angry my stupid eyes well up! I can't help it! ... (67 replies)
... I share this opinion. Maybe there was a build up of all sorts of things and they all just manifested themselves in the form of a jar of pasta sauce, or rather the bag the OP would not allow her to procure for it. OP; I'm just curious to know why you made a big deal out of her wanting a bag to carry the sauce in? Surely if she was carrying it, it was up to her whether or... (67 replies)
... nt to comment just on this paragraph. I see where you are coming from. It really hurts not to be recognized, but then again what could you expect from a mentally unstable person like her? ... (10 replies)
... SHE is the one with the issues. NOT him. If it bothered her she should have been adult and said something. ... (67 replies)
... m just trying to get the reader to realize that these things really can upset and make women feel as though their SO does not respect, care for them even if that is not the case. ... (67 replies)
... It sucks that you feel that you've wasted a year of your life.. but you have to really try not to think of it like that. Every relationship is a learning experience... especially the failed ones! ... (67 replies)
... someone that's rational to go crazy over. These are dumb things that get under someone's skin and they get in a little spat over and 10 minutes later everything is settled and they are on to something else. The problem isn't that she get aggravated or mad... ... (67 replies)

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