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... She said it was a sign of how little I cared about her and she now realized that "this is the type of person" I am. Another alleged sign of how little I care about her is that I always walk ahead of her in public. ... (67 replies)
... She said it was a sign of how little I cared about her and she now realized that "this is the type of person" I am. Another alleged sign of how little I care about her is that I always walk ahead of her in public. ... (67 replies)
... llen in love with someone else and you don't love her, she's going to have to also learn that you've been lying to her all this time, telling her this other girl is just a friend when youv'e known all along that she's not just a friend. You have to stop lying to her. ... (6 replies)

... Maybe she's bipolar. Maybe she really is depressed. Although, I don't really thats the case. I've been depressed myself, I've been so low that I've contemplated suicide.. ... (67 replies)
... Although I could see her side with the pasta incident. This particular situation with the gym etc is a bit daft on her part. ... (67 replies)
... states. But I tried to be comforting and convinced her to go home and sleep. I can't tell if she is genuinely depressed, or just being incredibly immature. I've gone through depression and it was persistent and unrelenting. ... (67 replies)
... Looking after kids is working, and it is a 24 hour shift. ... (67 replies)
... however, I know she did so far more often. She kept it between herself and my stepdad, however. She wanted to be strong for us, and is typically a very cheerful person to begin with. So I can relate to that. ... (67 replies)
... t get a plastic bag because apparently I am so uncapable of holding one item in my hands for maybe 15 feet. The lagging behind and dragging her feet and pouting is pure immature whining. ... (67 replies)
... I don't think stability has anything to do with this. I feel she is immature. Just by looking at you carrying everything without free hands, there should have been a kind gesture on her part to help you out. ... (67 replies)
... or the crying, I can understand that women tend to be more emotional and may shed a few tears when upset. But prolonged crying and sobbing over a minor grievance is just too much to handle. ... (67 replies)
... point where you have to look in the mirror and ask yourself whether you may have caused this with your behavior. If you're unsupportive and mean to her when she is already crying, then no wonder she gets hysterical. She probably thinks you don't care about her or her feelings. ... (67 replies)
... If the original OP dislikes women crying then if you ever have kids you might want move out the day you find out your SO is pregnant. The reason I say that is pregnant women have little control over emotions and cry over far less than what your gf was crying over. ... (67 replies)
... How Old is she? ... (67 replies)
... Take a look back at your own relationship. Is this the case for you? ... (5 replies)
... Ok, I must have missed that part somewhere. If all of this is true, you would be making a HUGE mistake moving in or marrying this girl. Love is not enough and cannot compensate for the person's MAJOR character flaws. ... (28 replies)
... ntinued to say that he hates his life and almost went to a priest. He says he feels wrong no matter what he does and that he was scared. I told him how HUGE it is that he is finally realizing that he needs help. I tried to explain that I know firsthand, how scary it is. ... (1 replies)
Nov 9, 2008
... ing, I think we should be careful when we bandy that word about. Unless she actually threatened to harm you, I tend to think that 9 times out of 10 a 'psycho' ex girlfriend is just a woman who was treated badly with dishonesty and disrespect and just wants some closure and answers. ... (3 replies)
... d I do hope she gets help, because it does sound like she needs professional help, and comes out of this stronger, more mature and wiser, but I do also hope this is a bit of an eye opener to the op as well. ... (67 replies)
... snails pace, I would be SO insulted!!! You definately seem like a nice guy, dont get me wrong, but you definately are very arrogant... its almost as if your way is always the right way and everyone else is a fool. ... (67 replies)

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