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I Got Played
Apr 5, 2007
... The thing about just throwing off all of my shackles and becoming independent is that it is just not that simple for me. I don't like to make excuses or bring up stuff like this, because usually I consider it irrelevant, and I hate labels. ... (32 replies)
... Thank you very much for helping me out with my problem. Please bear with me this post is going to be long. Last year I was at my friends birthday party, and a certain girl caught my attention. ... (5 replies)
... GypsyArcher, yet again I have no defence. What both you and goody2shuz have just said is making me disgusted with myself. ... (60 replies)

... out for anybody. It is true that our emotions are often intense and it is very easy to get caught up in the whirlwind of how we feel. But as humans we are more than just feelings. ... (60 replies)
... and has no automobile, where the only source of income is from a girlfriend that's newly diagnosed as bipolar ... well, would foster care be an option until you two can get on your feet? ... (50 replies)
... I assume by now they have ate their pasta and sauce and are making up and laughing about this whole ordeal.:) (67 replies)
... To NKFRISK, What has happened since your first post? If your both unhappy with the relationship then you need to discuss these issues, you will have ups and downs. I read once, that once the down times get more than the up times that's when you need to re-evaluate your relationship, especially if you are both considering marriage. You seem like the type of guy that wants to... (67 replies)
... Like I said, - in my opinion thats where the problem started (67 replies)
... Oh my gosh...if my husband expected me to carry some huge jar of pasta sauce...I'd be mad too!:rolleyes: If I was a six year old spoiled rotten brat!:dizzy: Your gf has some major spoiled brat issues and I doubt that would ever change. These are the things that you need to realize are happening in this relationship and not try and ignore them. I can see it get... (67 replies)
... Just wanted to add that he never said he was going to be doing the cooking for the dinner that was going to parktake of the sauce they bought... just that they were going to use the sauce in the dinner they were making for that particular night, which leads me to believe she was probably the one doing the cooking, haha. (67 replies)
... If she wanted to get a bag, then she should have turned right around and gotten a bag. Whining and complaining about having to carry a jar of sauce? The entire exchange sounds like something that took place between an insensitive father and his six year old daughter. (67 replies)
... Well, maybe its not really about what was said but how it was said... when he wanted her to carry the jar without a bag, was he all snippity and harsh/annoyed and demanding with her about it or did he ASK her nicely if she could carry the jar without the bag ... I am pretty sure if it had been the latter she would not have been sulking the way she did. And it probably just... (67 replies)
... Oh wow, were you by any chance born in August? (67 replies)
... I agree that we only have one side of the story. She wanted a bag for a jar of sauce. I'm guessing it wasn't a big jar and therefore didn't warrant a bag, but then I could be wrong. There are some women out there who don't believe they should have to carry anything (and remember his hands were full). Also, don't forget she said "I don't want to live" when all this was... (67 replies)
... She sounds like a psycho to me. I'd get away from her if I were you! :( (67 replies)
... Sophia, we're not necessarily saying NG is a bad guy. Sometimes I wish dating wasn't so much like a game, but it can be. ... (263 replies)
... it sounds like your girlfriend isn't ready to be that serious yet. i do think that couples need to do things together, and separatly with their friends. ... (7 replies)
... months after my daughter was born my girlfriend was talking to another man.. she ended up leaving me to "see how it would work with him.. ... (2 replies)
... You're probably not going to want to hear this, but this is a very very dysfunctional, what can barely even be called a relationship. ... (3 replies)
... this person sounds unstable and the sooner you get away, the better. this isn't a case of you not being the girl for him. ... (20 replies)

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