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... I've been dating my girlfriend for about 4 months now. About 6 weeks ago, an opportunity came up where a friend of a friend was looking for a place to stay. ... (11 replies)
... I put girlfriend in quotes because we're not really boyfriend, girlfriend. I guess the simplest way to put it is that we're doing the whole "talking" thing. ... (13 replies)
... we work with A LOT of girls, and interact with them regularly in front my girlfriend and she doesn't care at all. A lot of times my interactions with the other girls at work isn't work related either. ... (13 replies)

... My fiance, who is older than me, has had only two girlfriends in his past, while I have had upwards of maybe ten boyfriends. And I still get kind of weird and jealous when I think of his past. ... (14 replies)
... Sounds to me like you're not reading between the lines. She also said your casual more than friends but not quite boyfriend/girlfriend "thing" is stressing her out. Sounds to me like it sort of hit her in the face that she maybe cares for you more than she thought she would, more than she feels you care about her. If you really care for this girl, maybe you should revisit... (13 replies)
... But that is a really unfair statement for her to say for a couple of reasons. 1) You have no control over what you dream about. 2) She said she wanted to hear about any dreams you had. Here's a thought, is she a pshych major? I know dream interpretation is one of the things we did when I was taking pshychology. We had to keep a dream journal and let me tell you,... (13 replies)
... I also want to caution you to be careful if you continue on to a more serious relationship. If she is this jealous and overreacts to a dream could you imagine how she would be about a female friend or coworker? ... (13 replies)
... well its probably best not to drag these things on for too long so if you dont think you will see her over the weekend, then maybe send her an email saying that you care, that the dream meant nothing, it was simply just a dream and that you would like to discuss it properly when you catch up next. that way, least you have said something in an email but you are willing to talk... (13 replies)
... In a case like this (if one person has given NO reason for the other to be jealous) it's either one of two things... Either she is bothered by HER past or She is doing something outside the relationship and chooses to project her behavior onto you. ("i.e. if I'M doing it, maybe YOU are doing it too") (14 replies)
... Dt- I had the exact same problem in my relationship and it got to the point where I felt like I was loosing my mind. (the differences being that I didn't get my first kiss until 20...and he was my first boyfriend.) He had two girlfriends before me, yet he would periodically bring up my past, as if I had all this stuff to hide. After it seemed like the 200th same... (14 replies)
... Honestly, she is just being really silly. (And, all boys at a catholic school probably are alot wilder than you were, lol!) Serioulsy, she has no reason at all to be jealous. My husband had gf's even a fiancee, and I don't care, he married me. He comes home to me. And same with you, I know ya'll aren't married, but she's your gf, not this crush. She may be insecure over... (14 replies)
... I hope she now sees that you have to be careful what you ask/wish for because it may come true! LOL I'm sorry, but she actually asked what Freud would think? She, of all people, must have known what you would have said there. My advice to you, stop telling her about your dreams and NEVER speak of having sex with other women, even if it is in a joking manner. Some... (13 replies)
... She's not a psych major, but she does take a class on psychology. After I told her the dream she said something like "in all honesty why would you tell me this" and I replied saying she had asked me to tell her about any dreams I had. So she said "ha, i did didn't I". She then goes on to ask me "what do you think Freud would think of all this", knowing Freud I said he would... (13 replies)
... I realize now that in my first post it seems like I don't like this person I dreamed about at all. I do like this person, just not in the way where I have feelings for her. I also had mentioned to my girlfriend that me and the other girl had exchanged a few e-mail messages talking about having divorced parents, but it never turned into anything more than that (it couldn't... (13 replies)
... I am extremly offended and hurt when my girlfriend gets hurt over my past. We have been together for just under a year. I am 23 years and she is 21. ... (14 replies)
... Hi everybody. I'm a 20 year old and I've been together with my girlfriend for 2 years. Everything is going smoothly except for two things. We don't really have a lot of common interests. It's a lot of times we do stuff on our own. ... (5 replies)
... e to trust them, and eventually I had to end that relationship. Both of these unhealthy relationships were in a row. Right after they occurred I met my current girlfriend and we have been dating for a year. At first I wasn't too jealous but I see myself becoming very jealous. ... (2 replies)
... controlling person ever. I eliminitated all my guy friends, all of them, even classmates, no contacts outside the class. Not because I gave him any reasons to be jealous of, well at least not from my point of view. In his eyes, he had plenty to believe that , say my classmate wasn't just being sociable, but more. ... (24 replies)
... Thursday she calls me up crying and I guess this friend of hers had something go wrong with his brain and had to be hospitalized. The guy had his sister call my girlfriend and said that she was the only one he said to call other than his family. ... (3 replies)
... Can't say I blame your girlfriend for being jealous. Heck, if you weren't with her and your "friend" didn't have a boyfriend then you would be free to be together, right? ... (5 replies)

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