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... well, do you feel confortable with talking to her to her face about these things? if she is wanting to see you again and catch up, then maybe just tell her then, otherwise you can explain it in an email. obviously dont keep calling her, maybe let it go for a few days and then you can text her saying, hey, how are ya, wanna see a movie or something? maybe in future though,... (13 replies)
... oh god if i were you i would run. for her to be in tears and for this dream to have caused irreconcilable damages...?!? she's a psycho in my books (13 replies)
... dont worry, you have done nothing wrong, she is overreacting. you cant control your dreams, sometimes we dream about people we dont know very well and sometimes we dream about people we dont like. it means nothing. i had a dream that my boyfriend was pashing on with this female friend of his that i have met 3 time so i dont even know her that well but here i am dreaming about... (13 replies)

... You just need to get over it. For you to get mad at her for stuff she did before she even knew that you existed is totally unfair! I think you're just jealous that she has more experience than you do, and that's what's bothering you more than anything. You really just need to get over it. ... (25 replies)
... I do appreciate everyone's opinion. He has said a million times that he does want to get married, but he gets very defensive about discussing timelines. Why would he be so quick to say absolutely I want to marry you, if he did not want to? He has never once lied to me. He has been entirely open and honest since I've met him. Truth be told, I don't think he would have moved... (24 replies)
... My friend was living with her boyfriend after going out for years. Eventually she said "I don't want to be your girlfriend forever" and they got engaged. Another woman I know who was 30, told her BF if your not interested in getting married, I can't waste my time with you. ... (24 replies)
... Absolutely not! What wife is going to sit back and watch as another woman pursues her husband? NOT ME! I was just thinking last night about my 10 year cousin and I and her husband all graduated from the same school so we all went to the reunion together...I can't remember all that happened but they had a huge falling out over his EX gf that he dated through... (78 replies)
... I'd be interested to hear how this unfolds, and please keep in mind that we don't all think you're jealous and paranoid! ... (78 replies)
... I certanily can't find an explanation for it. I'm curious to know if anyone else who is of the opinion the OP is just a "jealous wife" would feel the same way if they were in her shoes. I mean, it's so easy to say ignore it when you're not the one dealing with the constant annoyance. OP, do you have any more facts you would like to add to the mix (like perhaps he has told... (78 replies)
... Very good point jennie250. That would have been the first thing I would want my husband to answer if I were the OP. I still don't think that she is the "jealous wife" she is being made out to be. I would be pretty damn annoyed if some ex from my husband's past (that he has shot down and ignored since) kept on pursuing him with pictures and handwritten notes. I would... (78 replies)
... don't think it is fair that Wishgirl has come on here complaining of putting up with this over the span of eighteen years () only to be admonished for being "jealous". I think she has a very valid concern, and personally I think she has the patience of a saint. How does the OP even know about all this, if it's going to her husband, why it it really her concern? I don't... (78 replies)
... day your husband comes home to you. he probably doesnt think about her at all. i dont think you should make any comments to her at all. you will come accross as jealous and she will probably get a kick out of it. ... (78 replies)
... Skarn, maybe I misread the original post, but I think what the "big deal" is not just an invitation to a HS reunion and a public post about some old photos; it's that OP's DH's high school GF is hounding OP's DH and -- IMO anyway -- is beginning to cross the line. Sure, it's cool if the ex is in charge of all the invites -- but to follow up with handwritten notes when she... (78 replies)
... I'm sorry, and maybe I'm way off base here, but given the information you've posted, you sound like you are jealous of someone your husband dated OVER 20 YEARS AGO!! What's wrong with her sending him an inviation to a reunion? ... (78 replies)
... he's using you to make his girlfriend jealous.....silly high school games...... ... (6 replies)
... Your girlfriend is now number one female in your life, and everything you do in regard to your other female friends must reflect this. ... (24 replies)
... She treats me very well in our relationship and I can't say anything bad about her really. I can get jealous sometimes when she is around other guys, but we have discussed the issue and i have gotten a lot better according to both of us. ... (18 replies)
Is he jealous?
May 29, 2007
... im not hanging out with the ex on a one on one basis anymore. if i ever see him, its only in a group situation. if i dont go up and say hello to him, he calls me a snob. i dont know why i need to be the one to initiate the hello. also when i got back with my boyfriend, he tried getting one of my friends a job with him. he didnt hesitate to tell me either. when i asked why he... (20 replies)
... I'm not psychic or anything, but I would put my money on the possibility that your girlfriend is starting to fall for this "friend." The fact that she would blow you off just to hang out and watch a movie with him...doesn't sound too good. ... (6 replies)
... Female here too, but from what i've heard from other males they do not like women who are always negative, jealous, low self esteem, constantly looking for validation that their guy loves them, body issues, high maintenance. (9 replies)

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