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... Well, for what it is worth, I was your gf years ago. Lived with a guy who had a child and an ex. HATED all of it. Eventually, it is what broke us apart. Since I went through it, I can tell you it is not going to change. Some women are very adept at handling these types of situations, but if she is young (I was 23 back then), insecure, jealous, she is only going to... (48 replies)
... You have every right to feel jealous and uncomfortable about this situation. ... (15 replies)
... I completely understand you not just wanting to ignore her, but sometimes that is the best solution. She is acting the way she is because she is jealous of you having her ex. In her twisted little mind she thinks that if she keeps acting this way it will scare you off and then she wins. ... (7 replies)

... Hi Erimus, Is this Natalie you're talking about? The last I remember, you'd gone to the concert and were affraid that your co-worker (I'm sorry I can't remember her name) got a bit jealous, etc. But you were going to try and work it out with Natalie. Wow! So, you've moved in together! How time flies! Is it just missing the excitement of seeing each other on weekends... (3 replies)
... just don't get the memo that getting upset and insecure over that fact is more unattractive than anything else. Hopefully your girlfriend can get over this, or the relationship isn't going to be a very pleasant one. But you got to put your foot down as far as all of this is concerned. ... (6 replies)
... see i didnt think about that, i never officially asked her to be my girlfriend, but i thot i implied it pretty well.... now im seeing that was my biggest mistake! what should i do now? im so mad at myself (15 replies)
... Well, all in all i think the night went well. A little different than what i expected it to turn out to be. First it started off with me going to her house to take pictures with her family and stuff, then i had to take her and her friend (who was also there) to pick something up, and we all went to my house to take pictures. Then after that, we all went to her friend's... (108 replies)
... just now as often. I think it is all about honesty too, I tell my husband everything, and vice versa. Now I won't come home and say things to try to make him jealous or anything like that, but if he asks if men talked to us and what happened, I will tell him sure we met a few guys, had a few dances, and it's no big deal. ... (22 replies)
... citygirl, keep remembering that he doesn't 'get' to be with anyone. what he gets is exactly what another poster here said- he gets to not know who he is at all, because he's jumping into another relationship, he gets to risk potentially screwing it up, and he risks having his own heart broken as well. you really, really don't know what is going on with them, and to assume that... (54 replies)
... Citygirl, of course I remember you and your story. And I still think he'll be calling you at some point in the future. It almost doesn't matter what they say. Mine said a few times he never wanted to speak to me again, even changed his phone number twice, but always ends up calling me himself eventually. It's not like I went out of my way to find him each time. Now it's... (54 replies)
... Fabat- Thanks for your suggestion. I had this guy who actually volunteered to be my rebound! Haha- a few weeks after my ex dumped me. I was a little wierded out by that, and I was sooo not into the idea of touching another guy, especially since I didnt even know if it was over with my ex yet. but he had always flirted with me when I was WITH my now-ex, so I took him up on it,... (54 replies)
... I called his x a skank because he said that she'd wear incredibily short skirts and spread her legs infront of his friends (and she wouldnt wear underwear)..and to me thats skanky. It sounded like he was comparing the two of us, and i wanted to clear up that im nothing like that. I have great legs and a nice ***, it would be a pitty for me to cover them up for the rest of... (25 replies)
... i for one would love guys to be perving on my girlfriend... i mean really, it's the ultimate compliment... if the girl i'm with is desirable to other men, should i get violent, or just bask in the glory of a stunning girl that other guys are drooling over... no question, i say flaunt it... because i'm secure enough to know that she's coming home to me, i don't care how many... (25 replies)
... my boyfriend likes how i look in a skirt. he says he's proud that i am his girlfriend and likes others to see what he 'has' so to speak. He actually incourages me to wear them telling me it looks hot haha. ... (25 replies)
... Oh yeah, for sure. Im not gonna not wear skirts and be hot in summer. I dont like shorts (Summer is coming where im at ), it is rare that i will find shorts that i like. Im also only 20 years old..if i was married with kids, i probably would reconsider things. Id say he is both, old fashioned and insecure. I was just wondering if most men think this way .. as in "its... (25 replies)
... Does she lie only about past relationships or everything in general? The difference is that if she is only lying about past relationships, she probably feels that you care far too much about her past. Do you get upset hearing about her past relationships? Do you probe her about them and get jealous? If that is not the case and she in fact lies about everything in... (17 replies)
Jealous of a Car?
Jun 30, 2005
... True story...I once had a girlfriend who acted just like you do. She was completely nuts over Mustangs even though she didn't even own one. ... (7 replies)
... She's probably more insecure about her own past and how that will impact your relationship...but for her it's easier (and much more immature) to pick on your past so that hers will stay under the radar. (14 replies)
... .......... (14 replies)
... If you have ever been through anything like this, where someone judges you harshly and makes you feel less than they are and treats you less than what you deserve to be treated, it is NOT easy to get over. I went through it for quite a while, and when you talk to other people about it, it's called emotional abuse, and that's bad. You can scar people for life by doing things... (14 replies)

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