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... Geez, y'all are being kinda hard on that poor girl. I think with enough reaffirmation and care she'll get over it. (14 replies)
... my boyfriend is the same way though he as calmed down a lot since the start of our relationship. He use to bring up and x of mine. He only does that when we are having a bit of an argument now. And I have just told him I will not talk to him until he changes the subject. And really that has seemed to help. Once he knows Im gonna shut my mouth and not go along with him about... (14 replies)

... Most people don't change and what you see is what you get. If you are trying your best to intellectually work out solutions to your problems with her and she won't be compromisable, I suggest dating others alongside her, and let her know you want to do this. It's a sad but realistic fact that many young girls will not change or listen to you unless they are challenged or... (14 replies)
... You should most definitely not feel sorry for this girl. She has NO reason or right to say anything to you or to bring your past up, much less make you feel bad about it. I have been through all that, it will destroy you and your relationship if she keeps it up. Tell her to go bother someone else. (14 replies)
... Sounds like she might just be a little insecure...I used to be like that with my ex (my first love). I had these high hopes of meeting someone that I could share my life and love with, him and only him, forever and ever bla bla bla, and when I heard that he'd had chicks before me it made our thing seem less real. I kept wondering if they were hotter than me, etc. (I was... (14 replies)
... Yeah, I have told her that upsets me. It upsets me for three reasons. I basically was a social loser when it came to females and I don't like her making me feel worse for it. She has a past and I feel she has no ground to feel this way and finally it feels like she is not happy with me. How many very attractive long haired rock star looking 23 year old virgin are their?... (14 replies)
... n't look like we'll have any real time together till next saturday. I hate thinking about that. Cos i think about her all the time. I have noticed myself getting jealous when she chooses to go out doing things without me, rather than being with me. Am i just being paranoid? ... (18 replies)
... e is a problem, or maybe she is afraid of getting hurt again. Only she can tell you that. I just think it is very disrespectful for her to push you away, yet get jealous when you are not sitting around pining for her and being miserable. My bf is doing the same thing. ... (16 replies)
... MY girlfriend and I have been together for 10 months. ... (11 replies)
... I met this girl when I lived in Pennsylvania when I was in junior high (about 13 years old). We were just friends and hung out and stuff, then we started dating when I was 15 and she was 14. But then I moved to California and she was still in PA, but we decided to have a long distance relationship online and talk on the phone and stuff. It was hard at first, but it got a lot... (6 replies)
... Ahh, now I know where you're coming from. Well, what do you think? Could you handle a friendship with her or do you think your old feelings would get in the way and cause you to feel jealous? Yes, she is now available to meet other guys, but at the same time, you're free to meet other girls too. Maybe you have a fear that she'll meet someone and won't want to hang out with... (11 replies)
... It sounds like you care for your girlfriend very much. The only solution I can recommend is that you both sit down and communicate with each other. ... (6 replies)
... I can relate to your GF here. You have been only together for about a month and now you are talking with this new girl that wasn't a friend before. How would you feel if all of a sudden she started talking to a new guy alot and hung out with him? This is minor compared to you not being in school. Maybe I got this wrong but you say you left... (6 replies)
... Aaaah, how could you do this: dirty dancing with not one, not two, but FOUR women??!!! Fair enough, I'm going out dancing THIS weekend. (27 replies)
... ith them and they dragged me out on the dance floor, I couldn't believe how they were dancing with me, I would have been so mad. They danced with me worse then a girlfriend has ever danced with me. I think I have been tramautized. I mean I enjoyed it, but I was thinking that these woman all have serious boyfriends. ... (27 replies)
... You have every right to be upset,bachlorette party or not I would have been torqued myself! Its not like she went home had had sex with this guy but never the less the bottom line is she was disrespectful to you. slow dancing in the clubs with strangers should be done by people that are not involved let alone married as long as you have been. I used to go to these clubs... (27 replies)
... Thats what I wanted to hear and this is why she is this way. She has been torn before by a cheater and doesn't want to suffer that again. What you need to do is make it right and have the girl leave if you want to stay with your GF. (11 replies)
... She was in a bad relationship with a guy who cheated on her. She has been out of that for many years. (11 replies)
... Since my girlfriend has a son, and she said she isn't interested in living together until marriage, I never considered having her move in, instead. ... (11 replies)

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