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... mail, saying that he didn't want a girlfriend at that time. He actually had started a relationship with his nephew's former girlfriend, 3 days after the nephew and the girlfriend broke up. ... (6 replies)
... ies. You say that you're ok looking, so naturally, if you see a guy you think is more attractive, you will be threatened by him and envious of any attention your girlfriend gives him, even if she's simply just talking to him as a friend. ... (23 replies)
... Do any of you guys wonder why your boyfriend or girlfriend does NOT get jealous? ... (16 replies)

... The reason why I say that is because you don't seem to trust your girlfriend enough to be out in the world alone without you being there to watch what she does or if someone tries to pick up on her. ... (5 replies)
... it's been such a long standing friendship and his wife knows all about it and she has even invited you and your son to their place. The gossips are most likely jealous and your boss's wife did not have the right to tell a room full of people such malicious gossip. ... (19 replies)
... riend who wanted to have dinner was indeed just that, a friend. He was someone she was close to in high school and that she hadn't seen in awhile. I shouldn't be jealous or insecure. They never dated or anything. Why shouldn't she be able to hang out with him? ... (12 replies)
... Don't tell me he actually told you the "real" reason that his GF is jealous of you, did he? ... (5 replies)
... rong. currently, we are debating if sleeping in the same bed with the opposite sex is allowable. i feel there is no circumstance where this should be allowed. my girlfriend thinks if the sleeping arraingments are between friends and innocent, then there should be no problem. i see no way this can even be considered. ... (9 replies)
... Oh God. The other night I received the most horrible, gut-wrenching shock. This hurts so bad :( A little backstory (I think I've talked a little bit about it on the board before). Early last year I met this guy named Vince through mutual friends. Not the type I would usually go for at all, and in the beginning I just looked at him as an acquaintance. But then after... (15 replies)
... a man who is cheating on a current girlfriend or has treated past ones like trash will never change for her. men dont change for current partners or past partners, they only change when they meet new people. ... (36 replies)
... ed me if it would bother me if he checked out other woman when we were out and about..It was early do I didnt know what to say and didnt want to come across as a jealous type so I said " well no, as long as you dont oogle over them you know. ... (27 replies)
... See, these guys that he works for are jealous of me and my bf. They hate that we have a good relationship and that I do things for him.. i'm a good girlfriend, but to be jealous? ... (3 replies)
I need help!
Nov 27, 2006
... d she couldnt help how she felt. She me she wanted to get back together with me, but she couldnt help how she felt. Now i need to first let you guys know that my girlfriend is very beautiful, and flirty. She does not try to be, but there is not one guy that walks by her that does not hit on her or look her up and down. ... (2 replies)
... I have a relatively jealous girlfriend as well. Its a reasonably new relationship.. but I knew exactly what I was getting into. I detected quite early on that she was the jealous type. ... (43 replies)
... I summising here, but do you think that he is behaving in this way to keep the peace, to keep his girlfriend happy, to appear loyal to her for whatever reason. Maybe she is controlling, and he is under the thumb. ... (23 replies)
... Mark had just broken up with his girlfriend of 18 months. He started working at my place of work and I WAS NOT interested in him. ... (8 replies)
... Perfect for the jealous boyfriend. Yes, guys we now have at our disposal, GPS panties for women! ... (8 replies)
... girlfriend after the 1st week of just felt right. Do you think he was dating all those girls to make her jealous and do you think she was dating that guy to make him jealous? ... (27 replies)
Mar 24, 2004
... DID you go to a club with your girlfriend and she danced with other guys? ... (62 replies)
... that was before she got jealous.....I think befre the jealousy thing, she was still keeping in touch w/ that guy.....whether it be in person or online.... I guess there really is not much I can do now since I already "let my girlfriend go away w/ another guy for the weekend." But I guess even if I say no, she will not be happy anyways, so there is no point of getting so... (18 replies)

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