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... okay so basically ive been going out with my girlfriend for about 4 months now and we both are head over heels for each other. we like each other quite alott and i feel like our relationship is going great. ... (3 replies)
... e only girl for him he talked about marriage i kept questioning his intentions and questioning why we weren't together i came to the conclusion i was more than a girlfriend to him and he wasn't ready to make it official. although this was stupid of me and i was really in denial i loved him so much. ... (3 replies)
In Limbo
Dec 7, 2010
... un with him..I left the group and went for smoke, when I came back in it seemed as if I was a 'third person' and felt very left out...I confronted her that I was jealous of that...and she spent a lenght of time expressing that she loves me and it was just friendship.. ... (9 replies)

... and then I wouldn't go to the gym. Or I would be hanging out with a girlfriend while he was out of town and he would ask me "Do you like her more than you like me? ... (16 replies)
Exes are evil
Mar 21, 2010
... I am 100% pos my bf is attracted to me. I guess I am just a little paranoid that she will keep 'trying him' b/c she conveniently forgot to return his key when she took her belongings :mad: (12 replies)
Exes are evil
Mar 20, 2010
... ionship all you want, but that's not going to make her stop. And giving her "a piece" of you is just going to show her that she DOES have power to make you feel jealous and insecure. ... (12 replies)
... nds and had gone to the same college. I've seen photos and she is gorgeous, has her MBA, seems fun and outgoing. Even though I was with a new guy, J, I was still jealous of this girl, that she got P when I lost him. I tried to keep moving along and focused more on J. ... (11 replies)
... I'm now remembering how he use to get very jealous or angry if other men in chat would flirt with his "girlfriend". How dare he be jealous? ... (38 replies)
... everything will be all right. I don't know, I realize guys aren't into all the emotional mushy stuff women are more into, but still, shouldn't a guy comfort his girlfriend when she isn't feeling well? ... (4 replies)
... Trust me when I say he has been jealous of my BF and of a couple former male friends who made passes at me, just like I have been a little jealous when he would end up fooling around with some random girl. So, in essence, we were both rather protective of one another... ... (11 replies)
... of months however, I don't know what is going on with me but I feel like I need to know what he's doing, who he's calling, etc etc all the time. I have become a jealous person during the time I've been dating him, and its an outrageous jealousy ex. getting angry when he wants to hang out with his friends. ... (3 replies)
... Me and my girlfriend just got out of a long conversation about how I don't show many emotions towards her. As well as me not being a very jealous person at all makes her feel like since I don't care what she says or does to me, I don't care about her. This of course is not true at all. ... (10 replies)
... I think if your BF values your relationship he will cool his relationship with this woman--particular this vacation thing. I would not go. Stop beating yourself up. You aren't comfortable and that is THE ONLY REASON YOU NEED to not want to have to be dealing with her or her and him more than absolutely necessary, if at all. If he doesn't respect your feelings simply because... (10 replies)
... Well, that type of jealousy is not healthy. It will eventually drive him away probably. Why don't you meet with a counselor to help you work some of this stuff through and help you keep this relationship? (2 replies)
... and are planning on getting married or anything, but i love him so much and i'm afraid i'm too controlling and jealous. i can't help how i feel though, and i get jealous even when he simply talks to another girl at school. ... (2 replies)
... urt me...and when he realised it did...he didnt go...didnt even think about i dont think there is anything suspisious there...i just dont want to feel jealous when i am with this girl on holiday because she is so toned and pretty... ... (10 replies)
... was already a jealous insecure type so this led to fights...and the fights would ultimately stem to other parts of the relationship. Eventually I got over the last relationship. ... (5 replies)
So mad right now!
Feb 17, 2008
... I think all people have a jealous side towards their mate. That is normal. But there is a thing called TRUST. ... (3 replies)
... I think you need to figure out what it really is that makes you feel insecure about the relationship. Perhaps you feel that he doesn't make you a priority. It sounds a little bit to me like he talks a good game about having one's own life, wanting each other vs. needing each other- but that you are simply expected to go along with it, never having an emotion other than the... (10 replies)
... n someone hanging on to pictures and photos of an X...what you are talking about are family mementos. If I find a picture of my husband's skanky old 2 timing EX girlfriend in my house, that sucker's going through the shredder! ... (30 replies)

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