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... BUT, the difference I see in this post is that wishgirl's husband isn't actually involved with any ex girlfriend 'freindship', she is the only one pursuing him it would seem. ... (78 replies)
... Since this ex girlfriend from her husbands highschool days clearly KNOWS WHERE TO SEND any photos she maintains he might like, WHY is she inquiring how she might get them to him? ... (78 replies)
... This is the reply i can most relate with. I feel like she's very controlling with whom i can and can't be friends with. She has met pretty much all of my close circle of friends but even my closest female friend she has a problem with. She doesn't know why she is, but she states she just is. I just feel as though i have distanced myself unintentionly from alot of my... (24 replies)

... This is just my opinion, I mean your girlfriend could just be down right posessive..which is a totally different ball game altogether. ... (24 replies)
... sounds like your girlfriend is aware of your feelings toward the other girl...... ... (5 replies)
... Yes....forget the ex! It does tend to make a new girlfriend a little insecure when you talk about an ex even if you are talking bad about her. After all, what's the point in saying anything anyway? ... (10 replies)
... ate he said It was over and it was me who was number 1 we recommenced a relationship of sorts which included sex but he went back to her a few weeks later. I was jealous for a long time of his relationship with her and his life. ... (54 replies)
... well I don't care if your married or not 8 years is a hell of a long time being married has nothing to do with it. and as far as "guy friend" my husband had a "girl friend" and we are getting divorced because it turned out to be a GIRLFRIEND, I trusted him with all I was and never said a word about it NOW LOOK WHAT HAPPENED. ask her 8 years is long enough to have the right to... (8 replies)
... I think you need to look what is really going on here, are you jealous because this "geek" offers your girlfriend more than you can? ... (13 replies)
... my girlfriend to be and the girl who I have feelings for were in the same place. ... (8 replies)
... But my girlfriend is letting this all get to her head. She is very confident and people are very attracted to this. My girlfriend told me that she finds it flattering that her fellow teacher likes her. ... (7 replies)
... My girlfriend is a high school teacher. Her and a fellow teacher of hers have become good friends. Thats fine. ... (7 replies)
... your girlfriend"!!! That was the bit that bothered me most. If she had been a bit mortified to hear he had a girlfriend and backed off I wouldnt have felt nearly so angry towards her, as, after all, he's a VERY sexy man and you cant blame a girl for trying! ... (15 replies)
... I then told her I would get a place of my own because I wanted to have some control over my life. My girlfriend asked me why we have to change from the current situation. I try to tell her why but then she gets upset and I get ignored for the rest of the night. ... (12 replies)
... constantly texts her nonstop and ALWAYS asks to hang out, my girlfriend says theres no feelings between them anymore and i believe that she has no feelings towards him, but i still think that he has feelings towards her. ... (3 replies)
... to do something really cool that her boyfriend may like to do with her. None of her other friends, even males, do this. The problem is my girlfriend doesnt see a problem with this. If I say anything, I get the "you are being jealous, there is nothing to be concerned about". ... (7 replies)
... As I've said in past posts on here, when myself and my partner split up all I cared about in his girlfriend was that she'd be good to my son. ... (48 replies)
... love this girl a whole lot and even if she has her faults, perhaps none of them faze you enough to make you want to leave her. So, instead of bad mouthing your girlfriend like others have, I'm going to try and offer you some more constructive advice. ... (28 replies)
... How would you feel if your girlfriend had a young 25yr old hot male move in with her? ... (11 replies)
... secretary is a friend and that we are going to go away on holiday and that we will be sharing an apartment. But, she should trust me and this shouldn't make her jealous because she cares about me. ... (17 replies)

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