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... This is where I said to her that, hey I understand what is going on. I am taking moms attention away from her and she is getting jealous about it. ... (15 replies)
... He freaked out on me and told me that I was being a crazy jealous girlfriend and he didn't want to be with me if I was going to try and dictate his life. ... (4 replies)
... OK my new vision on this relationship. No I don't live in a fairy tale. To have a healthy relationship you do have bumps of course that is life. When you bring jealousy into it then you are lacking self confidence, which to me is knowing that you can exist without the other person. There are no having to see friends privately to save the other persons feelings. That is just a... (10 replies)

... This could be the real deal-breaker. Seriously, tho, it is all so ridiculous. Look at all the grannies who swoon over Tom Jones. It is part of life, and celebrity and being a fan. Do you think any of these old dears would turf out the old boy for a chance at Tom?? (26 replies)
... Yes, you are being ridiculously jealous. The only real problem here is that your girlfriend is in her 30's and listens to New Kids on the Block. ... (26 replies)
... I hope you didn't seriously get mad at your girlfriend over this! I would never allow one of my SO's friends to cause a major fight between us. ... (26 replies)
... Well, as they say, jealousy comes from seeing someone else have something we think we ourselves are entitled to. You are jealous of your girlfriend because a wedding is a very very joyous, happy event and you feel you should have had your own by now. ... (11 replies)
... relationship I was.. when I was still unsure of how we felt of eachother and where the relationship was going. But eventually I realized that I was being silly, jealous and insecure. We've been together almost 2 years now and those past girlfriends are no longer any kind of issue. I got over my hang ups. ... (25 replies)
... Sounds like you are very secure in yourself and your relationship. At the end of the day, this boils down to my own hangups. I just don't know how to get over them. She's great. I love her. But when people say don't worry about it, forget it --- that just doesnt resonate with me. (25 replies)
... Bottom line, talk to her. Not about her past, but your feelings about her still being friends with the guys. See how she feels. If there is nothing to be jealous of perhaps you could try to forge a friendship with them. You may be surprised. ... (25 replies)
... thats silly. u shouldnt have to see less of ur best mate. my boyfriend has been best friends with his friend for 20 years or so. he also has other close male friends too. there is a group of about 5 of them and i let him go and have dinner with the boys, watch movies with them. when the world cup was on last year, he went and saw his home country play on a tv in a bar with his... (24 replies)
... When she is with you longer she might calm down but know this WOMAN are always jealous no matter what they say. ... (24 replies)
... she's not the third or fifth wheel, the female friends are. She's not tagging along, they are. You didn't give us any specific examples of what exactly she gets jealous of or things like that, so it's hard to determine if she's being unreasonable or if you're being neglectful, disrespectful and insensitive. ... (24 replies)
... Ok, i understand when a girlfriend may get jealous of 1 or 2 female friends of mine for what ever reason it may be, but my fiance has outwardly expressed many times her uncomfortableness with basically all of my female friends. The close ones and also the not as close ones. I've never had a relationship before and she tells me that this reaction is normal in any... (24 replies)
... y ways. she tells the kids that are sooo not true. and that strains our relationship for a while. but his kids love me and i love them. but i do get a little jealous of his daughter when she is over for the weekend. i would never say anything or act out on it. ... (48 replies)
... If him talking to her, and ignoring her childish, jealous behavior doesn't calm her down.. then you could always press harrassment charges or something. ... (7 replies)
... he has a girlfriend but NOW since raising a boy, teenager turing into a man I'm seeing first hand that guys really just want to hang and do nothing............. ... (9 replies)
... But they have been talking a lot recently, through the phone and computer, and I have become incredibly jealous and bothered by this whole thing. He seems to really like to talk to her and when we all hang out they act like they've known each other forever. ... (3 replies)
... Totally agree with Jenna and Veronica ... Relax , she was considerate to text and was honest about what she was doing so why be jealous . Wouldnt worry too much about the official girlfriend thing, those conversations happen when they are meant to . ... (15 replies)
... nobody is perfect. we know nothing about your ex's new girlfriend or their relationship. maybe it's happy, maybe it's not so happy, maybe it will or won't be a day, a week, a month from now. you just never know. ... (54 replies)

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