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... The lap dance thing was SOO stupid. Here we were at his best friend's 50th birthday party. And this skanky woman is the girlfriend of my boyfriend's past room mate. ... (8 replies)
... Most teenage guys don't tie themselves down to a permanent girlfriend and they date or have casual experiences with a lot of different girls or simply hanging out with their mates. ... (15 replies)
... his girlfriend about his thoughts of other will have to educate him on what you want to hear and what you don't want to hear. ... (15 replies)

... to resepct your feelings and take it from there, but if not, there are better men to be found. Not all men jack off to porn, mostly single men who do not have a girlfriend or one who is not available enough for their needs, but in replacement, Oh that is a real NO NO, no woman should dare tolerate. ... (15 replies)
... Once again "what kind of moron says something like that" to their girlfriend? (15 replies)
... She has no life of her own and doesn't want you to either, she's jealous of things you do with other people. ... (17 replies)
... And now you're finding out (through the literary grapevine) that her ex is back on the scene. I say it's time to start making time for your woman or be prepared for her to find someone (intentionally or not) who will. Sorry your job is stressful. Mine is, too, and can completely take over my life if I allow it to. Believe it or not, there are good-paying jobs out there... (15 replies)
... I think that's kind of a very big detail that she "left out" of the conversation. I don't know what it takes to write a paper like that but I'm assuming they had to work together to produce that essay, right? Which means she was spending a lot of time with him unbeknown to you. That's not right. She should have told you about it. I don't understand why, if there was... (15 replies)
... I haven't seen her since making this discovery, and am not sure whether (or how) to bring it up. I'm not threatened by the guy. She was separated from him when she started going out with me and subsequently got divorced. At the time he was attempting to reconcile things and I was glad to see the divorce finalized and him leave town. Now it seems they will be around each other... (15 replies)
... Best way is to talk to a shrink to find out why you have, even though you say you're better then before, jealousy issues. Also - if you put her feelings and how you will hurt her by being jealous OVER your own feelings (which are misplaced) then you'll have a better chance of getting through this. When you feel you're about to lose it with her think about how you would... (11 replies)
... Stop with the jealous and controlling nonsense. You think any other woman doesn't have guys come on to them? ... (11 replies)
... Don't punish this woman because shes attractive or punish her because of what OTHER people are doing because whatever your reason is for being jealous it has NOTHING to do with her. ... (11 replies)
... Well, if her ex kept creeping into the picture and causing drama that is because she allowed it, you know? There is obviously some unfinished business between the two of them that you are/were stuck in the middle of. If she does want to get back together (and hopefully it would be for the right reasons and not to make her ex jealous, because she doesn't want to be alone,... (9 replies)
... I'm a woman in my 30s who went to this same concert about a month ago. My husband knew I was obsessed with the blue eyed one when I was 13 and thought the fact that a group of us girls were going was hysterical. He and I are both mature enough to know that you can find another person attractive and not have it be insulting to the other. Now, with that being said I... (26 replies)
... I still want to tell her I'm kind of jealous but I don't even know how to go about doing that without sounding like I'm selfish. The kids in the hospital, how am I suppose to say something? ... (3 replies)
... Yes, I've been there before. I dated who I thought was just the greatest guy in the whole world, but I was always third or fourth on his priority list. We only saw each other two or three times a week, and even when we did get to see each other, if his roommate was home or his friends were around, he'd spend more time talking to them. What I came to realize as a result of... (7 replies)
... Once in a while just to to the club with him even though you don't like the club. Then you will see what goes on and the other girl(s) will know you are his girlfriend. (9 replies)
... All of my friends joke around and say that he is probably jealous and that I "stole her" away from him, but if he felt that way it should have been his responsibility to tell me in the beginning. ... (8 replies)
... I agree with Larrylou’smom. Has this girl ever meet this girl that you dreamed about? If so, maybe something happened that is still unsettled and/or she has some major jealousy issues with her. Just something to think about. (13 replies)
... It sounds like she is insecure. There's not much you can do about that to help her. She has to get over that herself. If I were you, I'd actually just leave her alone for a bit and maybe contact her sometime late next week. Give her some time to chill. I think she totally overreacted and there's no reason for her behavior, but you can't do anything about how she reacted,... (13 replies)

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