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... she's realised that even if she makes no effort I will still adore her, so surprise surprise she takes me for granted, and IMO treats me badly. ... (17 replies)
... Since he started this job he has put NO time into our relationship. ... (1 replies)
... and was promoted last week. Since he started this job he has put NO time into our relationship. ... (3 replies)

... o learn what you want and deserve in a partner. You deserve someone stable, whose love for you is consistent and makes your life better, rather than someone who makes you constantly walk on eggshells around her and shows no respect for your feelings until she senses that she might lose you. ... (30 replies)
... You are without a doubt being abused. There is no help for her if she doesn't want it and it sounds like she has you as a perfect scapegoat so why should she change? ... (62 replies)
... and then I wouldn't go to the gym. Or I would be hanging out with a girlfriend while he was out of town and he would ask me "Do you like her more than you like me? ... (16 replies)
... Hi Guinea...I partly understand where you are coming from and definitely think that you have every right to have a sexually healthy relationship..However, I think that you do have to understand that YES with a stressful job, she has also the right to say I am tired. I have been through this, and although noone loves sex more than I do, there were times, up to two weeks... (17 replies)
... is torture. After three years I get fired from my job, my one and only friend probably hated my guts less than a year ago, my girlfriend probably cheated on me, and my car breaks and I can't afford to fix it. And I have one friend. ... (16 replies)
... In our eight years we had both professed the same amount of love for one another. I have no regrets in the way I loved her, because I loved her as I wanted to be loved. ... (9 replies)
... Also does any other guy find it REALLY REALLY annoying when your girlfriend uses ALWAYS and NEVER to describe the things you do wrong or don't do right when it's probably just that once or twice? ... (3 replies)
... She's not paying a dime for the paternity test either, which is another thing that makes me angry. My boyfriend is a pretty nice guy, but in this situation, he needs to grow some balls!!! ... (54 replies)
... d don't hit them was never a huge subject in my house. And while it was never talked about its just sort of come to my understanding that the guy is the one that makes the dates, does the calling, etc. its the "man thing to do" it shows you have confidence or something. Which actually never use to be a problem for me. ... (3 replies)
... versed in cognative behavioral therapy. This will help change your thinking patterns, and help you get out of the negative, "I'm such a loser, no wonder no one wants to talk to me" mindset and help you think more positive thoughts, which will help you be better able to create more positive results. ... (16 replies)
... m in my last year, I study from home. My life is extremely busy between studying, my girlfriend, friends and work. My girlfriend lives in the same city as I do. ... (3 replies)
... he makes me feel like his ideal woman. ... (8 replies)
... ex is MARRIED to his wife, not just dating her, and more importantly, your ex made no effort to maintain a friendship or any relationship with you and unlike the girlfriend in this thread, it's doubtful that your ex expressed any interest in going to the party to see you to his wife. ... (50 replies)
... I have been dating my girlfriend for 3 years and I plan to propose soon. ... (7 replies)
... I totally agree with you Kszan, If he doesn't want to make any effort at all. Then therapy is not the answer... For me, I woke him up.. He just had a hard time letting his feelings out.. ... (10 replies)
... ng a bad day she drives out there just to give me a hug and see me for 5 minutes, she made me a box filled with 300 slips of papers saying why she loves me, she makes me really nice notes, and all of this. I know she loves me. ... (22 replies)
I see no light.
Mar 28, 2008
... Makes me feel even worse. He doesn't want me as his girlfriend or even a friend. ... (40 replies)

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