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... end ALONE with his son and his new girlfriend ... she just loved him, and they went everywhere together .. I mean, he never spent anytime with his son alone ... she was always there. ... (44 replies)
Aug 11, 2011
... you aren't this guy's mother, and he needs to man up and be dependable and accountable... and treat you with the respect you deserve! Until you're getting those things from the relationship, all of the "perks" of having a woman as lovely as yourself in his life have got to stop. ... (9 replies)
... I am having a hard time dealing with my brother's behavior after I allowed him to move into my house with my mother two months ago. My brother's girlfriend keeps a very detailed blog online about how stupid my family is. ... (2 replies)

... I'm 24, and 5 weeks ago I broke up with my girlfriend of 5 years... I wouldn't say it was really MY choice... She said she wasn't "in love" with me anymore. ... (1 replies)
... tay together for them. He even mentioned Hilary Clinton as an example! She could hardly kick her husband out of the White House. I think I would have had more respect for her if she had! And I certainly don't have a political agenda at stake. ... (7 replies)
... I do give him respect for telling me up front he wasn't looking for a relationship, he just made it seem like it was because he was confused. ... (24 replies)
... As far as your father is concerned.. I cannot give an opinion or advise with that, because I have no jurisdiction or experience in the subject.. ... (6 replies)
... The only reason you know is because SHE told you, not him. He didn't come clean until he absolutely had no other choice. He was caught. ... (13 replies)
... es anywhere in the picture at all, on any level. I had a best friend who went totally, and I mean totally ballistic because her fiance went to a party and his ex girlfriend happened to be there. ... (34 replies)
Long post
Dec 28, 2007
... woman" does.. I tried to show him how great I was in hopes that he would leave her. For months he told me that he was torn between me and her. Meanwhile she had no clue of what was going on. I finally realized that even if he did care for me on some level, it wasn't enough. I was second choice. ... (8 replies)
... to her sister but not completely about what I was feeling. I thought about it a lot and I could never put myself and my feelings before her and her family as I respect them all too much. ... (26 replies)
Ménage à Trois
May 27, 2007
... I respect your opinion.....I really wasnt judging them, that's not for me to do. People will do as they choose. I was just voicing an opinion..... ... (20 replies)
... acting like the typical stupid teenagers who feel the need to run out to bars every weekend just because they are 'of age.' What they don't understand is that my girlfriend is only 17 and she won't be 18 until the summer. ... (30 replies)
... ong as he's worth it. I don't know if I mentioned this, but the first or second time I hung out with J, he asked why I didn't have a boyfriend, and I told him in no uncertain terms that it was because I didn't want one. ... (87 replies)
... and woman leaves her parents so they can become one, blah blah blah. But hopefully the women they choose will also have respect for the fact that they are close to you and that you will always be part of their lives. ... (7 replies)
... to be a convenience for him or anyone else for that matter. I didn't want to care about something that he didn't care about. I would have continued to date him, no pressures, and never said anything if he would have stayed the same. ... (16 replies)
... but he knows it was his fault, he may have a girlfriend and the house and car. But I kept my son and my self respect. ... (54 replies)
... That's something that I've worried about from the start. Anyway, don't fret GypsyArcher, I'm taking steps to back off from Sara. At the moment I have no reason to see her outside of work until March when we're going on a rock climbing course together. Hopefully by then we will officially be back to just friends. ... (60 replies)
Is It Over?
Sep 4, 2005
... feed her as a child and although her mother would often walk around naked when my girlfriend was a toddler, she wouldn't let my girlfriend touch her breasts out of curiosity. I think that might account for her fascination in breasts as well. ... (19 replies)
... you still want to be with this guy, and there are obstacles. First of all the girlfriend, which you might feel bad about but you certainly aren't obligated to respect that at all costs. The distance is a bigger problem to overcome, especially if he's permanently relocated. ... (45 replies)

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