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... no more flings, no more girls and just lots of fun with friends lol. ... (17 replies)
... was that I didn't judge him by the company he was keeping. I was stupid and naive that he was hanging around these using, chauvanistic crumb bums because he had no choice and he was the one good one in the bunch. ... (66 replies)
... I say 'seeing', and not 'going out with', because by no means are we in a conventional, serious relationship, although we have been seeing eachother for almost a full year now. ... (66 replies)

... All I am going to say is the advice above is great advice and so VERYYYYYYYYYY VERRRRRRRRRRRRY TRUE! I remember many arguments that he always had to do the "name calling" and lowering my self esteem, only he was deep down making me feel like I was all those bad things. He was the one hanging out at the bars until 2:00-3:00 in the morning and some nights not coming home until... (6 replies)
... ol me to the point that I wasn't allowed any friends and not allowed to go out unless I was with him. I grew to resent him tremendously. Needless to say we are no longer married. ... (7 replies)
... This guy cheated on his girlfriend with you. How do you think he's ever going to be faithful to you? ... (10 replies)
... o knowing all the info. I never TOLD her it was me or them. There was no ultimatum. She brought it up first and she wants to change how things are because she does care for how I feel, and for me period... ... (34 replies)
... ve. The feeling you have is expeiienced by you as the receiver, not by your husband who has no idea you are internalizing his reaction this way. ... (20 replies)
... rol your dreams and they seem so so real. I've had a few dreams about my ex, like that he came my house and told me that he loved me and that he had left his new girlfriend because he wanted me back. And then I wake up and realise that its not real and everything is still the same. ... (207 replies)
... AMEN TO THAT! I agree with the fact that it was totally unnecessary for you to say how he treated her. THAT was really personal stuff she shared with you - she doesnt need you bringing that up making her feel like an idiot - you cant blame her for getting upset and getting defensive. There is nothing wrong with telling her you are NOT COMFORTABLE with her hanging out... (50 replies)
... uy that asked her honest opinion on something that mattered, and showed her that they really cared instead of just asking generic and obvious questions. there is no handbook to life. get out and live it is the only advice anyone can give. ... (30 replies)
... was adamant that she was NEVER coming back to this state. So I broke up with her. I slept with another woman. I'm weak, in that way, always have been. I have no excuse. ... (12 replies)
... Sometimes it takes a baby to snap someone into shape and make them finally grow up a bit and realize they've been acting like a spoiled child with no regard for other people's feelings. ... (35 replies)
... hold on a woman and there's no longer much mystery or challenge. ... (263 replies)
... want you back, but still wants you around for the occassional convenient booty call, he'll say a bunch of crap like "I still have feelings for you but I want to respect your feelings, I think we should take some time, blah blah blah. ... (202 replies)
... If they said they missed him and just wanted to chat for ole times sake, then out of respect for you he should've told them, "Oh how nice, I'll be bringing my girlfriend along as well though so I hope you don't mind." Only then will you see how innocent or legit the parents visit is. ... (18 replies)
... Whoa!!! Get out now! I agree with the other post, that he is not just overprotective, he is a psycho! Just because a past girlfriend treated him badly, does not make him this way. He has major issues that will not go away if you follow his "rules". ... (18 replies)
... This is about my girlfriend of long distance relationship... ... (5 replies)
... ive it back to me, provided that she was willing to do so. Personally I wouldn't ask for it, but that is me. She may have her own reasons to keep it, and I would respect it, since a gift is a gift, no matter what. But as they say it, to each one his own. You may have had strong reasons to ask it back... ... (29 replies)
... me , not you'' ''mums and dads all about me not you'' , or ''i am the favourite and i will always be''....and i swear down dead these texts come from absolutely no where. on a typical day i am just going about my day cleaning the house or doing shopping and my phone goes off beep beep ... ... (17 replies)

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