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... Not long after we were getting along so well, he got mad at me for no reason. ... (6 replies)
... just couldn't bear being alone another minute. I suppose in researching the public records, I perhaps ethically crossed the line a wee bit, though again, I broke no laws whatsoever. I was free to look at everything I looked at, but if my husband's ex girlfriend did what I did, I think I would be a bit discombobulated. ... (17 replies)
... girlfriend. I don't buy that excuse at all. No one works 24 hours a day without a 5 minute break to make a quick phone call. ... (120 replies)

... he was just using me, but didn't want to feel guilty about using me for actual intercourse, just everything else. Once he met the woman he loved for real he had no problem with premarital sex. ... (24 replies)
... Mind you a good friend knows when you can tell something to others and when to keep silent about it. There's no need to tell her specifically "Don't mention THAT, okay? ... (27 replies)
... That is just obsessed. If she ever finds out, you let it slip or anything, you won't even be friends with her, ever! You have no idea what or who or when she is talking about in her emails. Maybe that other coworker she was worried about was really you? ... (81 replies)
... L. I lived with a boyfriend in the past for nearly four years. I was 22 when I met him, 26 when I moved out. He was promising to marry me all along and we had no major problems. Basically, everything was going great and we were very compatible in almost every respect. Problem? ... (13 replies)
... Exaclty!!! Once they get married things change, whether we want them to or not.Like my friend, i could have continued accepting his calls (behind his wife) to me, but as a woman myself, i felt that was NOT right. I would NOT want my hubby communicating with someone i didnt feel comfy with and it would have to come down to its either her or me. I know he would choose her and... (23 replies)
... You have made it clear that you see no problem with spending time with friends of the opp. sex after marriage. There is nothing wrong with that point of view. ... (23 replies)
... I do respect him but that word that was censored is a synonym for wimp, and it is true. I don't think I'm being disprespectful in pointing it out. ... (8 replies)
Dating an actress
Sep 21, 2017
... okay, so i saw a similar post and have a similar problem so i thought id post an issue i've been having lately. My girlfriend wants to be an actress, and as an actress i know you have to be up close and personal sometimes maybe even being sexual and kissing if the part calls for it. ... (5 replies)
... Yes I fully agree, and since I was told to consider leaving I have not been back and have no intention of going back. I have an appointment set up next week to check out another consoler that a friend recommended. ... (9 replies)
... Hi there, thanks for your input. Its not the fact that he told his ex, its the fact that he said he wouldnt and then did. LIED TO ME. And i wasnt checking his phone. You cant trust someone that lies to you. Sure you can agree with that??? (5 replies)
... true teller... Stop being perfectionist, otherwise, you will not have even imperfect relationship in future couple monthes.... Relationship is more about respect and trust, maybe 3rd place is sex... ... (5 replies)
... to add that you can NOT save her from her problems. She's the only one that can do that. Love is a wonderful thing, but one thing it is not is a problem solver. No matter how much you love someone and they love you, it doesn't solve the problems that arise in a relationship. ... (12 replies)
Ex moved on
Jan 20, 2012
... You're doing a lot of good things to keep you busy which is great. You just need to keep that positive attitude and respect yourself by not contacting him anymore. ... (18 replies)
... I have been with my girlfriend almost 3 years. ... (5 replies)
... I'm a tad confused. In a previous thread you started you discussed how controlling your girlfriend is. You described how she became extremely mad at you for not answering your phone calls or texts when she knew you had no service while in school. ... (8 replies)
Is it more...
Nov 2, 2011
... Additionally, if you like him, and wish to see him again, there's certainly no law stating that you can't contact him to make future plans to see if there is a continued interest as well. Good luck to you! ... (6 replies)
... Wouldnt growing up and maturing mean that a woman would end a relationship so no one gets heartbroken for the wrong reasons? ... (16 replies)

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