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... If you arent attracted now you more than likely never will be, forget YOUR needs and stop leading this man on and let him go on to someone who will be attracted to him. ... (34 replies)
... My problem is, I want someone who is nice to me, who cares about me. I need that, but I don't think I'm physically attracted to this guy. I want to be. I want that to change, but does that ever really change? ... (34 replies)
... is going very well. We are very good friends and enjoy each others' company immensely. It is unusual for me that it goes this well. We've been quite physical but not to the point of intercourse. ... (22 replies)

... you should have not taken it this far, but don't take it any further if you can't see you having a relationship as it will only lead to even more hurt and pain for her. ... (22 replies)
... Try looking into her heart and not her body!!! ... (22 replies)
... If you can't, then you need to move on and don't lead her on. Call me shallow, but I wouldn't be attracted to someone that was very over weight, but in the same sentence, I also would not give the impression that I ever was. ... (22 replies)
... And he said well you annoy me a lot and are always asking me questions and bothering me. I said ok... well I will try and stop that. He said, well I'm not sure if I'm in love with you, I don't think I am. He said I love you like I love my Mom and my brothers. ... (7 replies)
... Whether it sounds bad or not to say you're not attracted to her phsyically... if you're not, you're not. You can't force yourself to find someone attractive, just like you can't force emotions to be felt. ... (17 replies)
... Exactly, well said SophiaM. There are many men that like big women. A friend of mine only dated larger women and now is married to one. He is physically attracted to that so thats just fine, but too force yourself to be with someone that you find attractive, BUT do not find physically attractive is ridiculous. ... (22 replies)
... her to us that makes us want to pursue the relationship further. Let's face it, not many men would be able to date a woman who looks like the obese character from "Shallow Hall." I don't think they should be blamed for it either. ... (22 replies)
... Where did you meet her and what attracted you to her in the first place? ... (22 replies)
... I think attraction is a major aspect of a relationship, especially in the beginning. One has to physically attracted to the other person in order to make it work. If she is chubby that is one thing, but if she is obese I see your point. ... (22 replies)
... I understand what you feel... the same thing happened to me, but the difference was that he was a hottie... but I don't know why, I didn't feel attracted to him... I mean, I liked him, but he didn't "provocate" me that way... you know what I mean? ... (22 replies)
... she is not attracted to you and you will stay a friend or she will be disappointed that you dont make any moves and move on. ... (8 replies)
... Thank you so much for the advice digmusic!! (4 replies)
... Either way, you need to be honest with him as soon as possible. Depending on how forgiving he is, he may or may not want to remain friends with you. Guys really hate being strung along and are sensitive to anything that bruises their egos, which this would do. ... (4 replies)
... To me, it's neither. But you're right, it might take him some time because he expects me to chase after him more. I'm not going to, though. One email is all he gets! ... (161 replies)
... Im surprised someone didnt mention the HEALTH issues that come with being obese. Its not just an issue of physical attraction, though I see absolutely nothing wrong with having a preference. In choosing a partner, many things come into play. ... (22 replies)
... I think it what we accept and what turn us on...Over weight people may not turn alot of people on but I have seen more over weight people that are much polite than some of your skinnier people. ... (22 replies)
... Very true here and I do agree is that is doesn't make someone shallow because we all have personal prefence. I do believe that he does see other things in her that attract him to her otherwise they wouldn't be dating or going out. (22 replies)

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