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Its Over
Jun 15, 2008
... You never had a relationship with this started out as casual, then stayed casual, and now it just kind of trailed off. That happens A LOT when you're young. The trick to learn is to not let it effect your self-esteem, while at the same time keeping your ego in check. That happened to me several times when I was in my early 20's - I'd start hanging out with a... (22 replies)
... You think you are ugly. I'm not saying you are, but obviously you have had some bad feedback in the past about your looks. It's kind of like if someone was missing an arm. ... (73 replies)
... That's really interesting. So you have a picture in your mind of what exactly a potential girlfriend must look like, and if a person doesn't have the precise look then you won't even consider them for a second? ... (33 replies)

... you made alot of sense miyu. how are you coping lately lucinda?has any f the stuff i said helped? i know i said my jealousy has calmed down tremendously since my ex, but my current boyfriend has never had a girlfriend before and im his first:-S i never thought much of it but after reading you guys saying that guys will want to wander and see what else is there im starting to... (36 replies)
... I've met many girls along the way, but I haven't yet been able to "bridge the gap". I've fallen in and out of love a few times, but most of the girls I've been attracted to have never really known. ... (4 replies)
... He have a girlfriend now...even though, You wish that he didn't have one... ... (5 replies)
... five pounds. I thought I was on candid camera. Of course, after getting to know my ex better I realized why they were a good match for each other. Not going to say anything rude, but yeah. It all becomes clear in the end. ... (15 replies)
... and they got engaged in the final year. I was attracted to her from my first day in the college, and the fact she was in a long term relationship didn't stop her from flirting with me. ... (10 replies)
Spat with Brother
Apr 10, 2006
... My brother and I have always been really close, we basically have our own language lol, and we are insepearable. Here is the problem, his new girlfriend whom he plans on marrying is a woman i cant stand, she is rude and i think he can do a lot better. ... (2 replies)
... is' and he 'mine' and I know I have to work through that. I was his first love and first real girlfriend, and I guess my brain isnt quite ready to accept that Im not that anymore, and that a new girl could be his future wife at any given time. ... (92 replies)
... I am not as physically attracted to Bill as I am to the other guy I will call J. But Bill is really nice and very masculine. ... (439 replies)
... GE... I must be honest in telling you that of all the guys you described this one sounds like he could be worth it. :bouncing: I am really happy for you :D Now make sure you get yourself better quickly so you can go on that second date. Does he know that you are sick??? Please let us know when your next date is.....I can hear the excitement in your post and share in it... (33 replies)
... Also, guys of a certain age who have been single for a long time might not be very realistic or very flexible at this point, so it could be harder to meet someone compatible in that age group. ... (37 replies)
... He rang me the other day to say he was moving over East with her. I think it is because his girlfriend is very manipulative and he is very weak and easily manipulated. ... (10 replies)
... I do get and even agree with this GE, but at what point do we get to the "Loving" part of love? At what point do we decide to accept the faults and the hairs or lack there of, the snoring and the less then perfect waistline, the fact that he didn't finish college or she has a lot of blonde moments, (No offence blondes ;) ). At what point do we choose to be as real as possible,... (34 replies)
... Men do not want the responsibility for a girlfriend's happiness, that's why they are attracted to women who are ALREADY happy on their own and actually don't NEED a man to make them happy. ... (34 replies)
Being friends
Jun 4, 2005
... Funny how someone may not be good enough to remain a girlfriend or boyfriend, but they are just fine to be friends with...what? ... (5 replies)
... I want to date your girlfriend that wants to break up with you but hasn't yet? ... (16 replies)
... IF this girl feels strongly about you, you could do her a lot of damage by not laying it on the line from the outset. Start as you mean to finish. ... (16 replies)
... and I think we were both better off. I went directly to Mr. B, Mr. B and I were good friends throughout school and even college. B and A were friends, although not great, but still friends. ... (15 replies)

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