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... She isn't the one. You are not doing her any favors by staying with her to spare her feelings. You can't help who you are attracted to and you should never settle in the hopes that you can overcome something. ... (17 replies)
... Hi, almac :wave: Can I just ask - is this guy anything like Screech from Saved By The Bell? That's the image I have! Anyway, I just thought I'd borrow from my personal experience of online dating. I've only ever got to know and met one girl online. For us there wasn't a massive connection over the internet, but I figured it couldn't hurt to meet to see what she was like... (24 replies)
... Maybe the fact that you need to be physically attracted to a girl before you consider going out with her is a problem? ... (11 replies)

... ut anyway...IF you are absolutely sure of your feelings, and there was no spark at all for you and you are sure there never could be, then by all means please do NOT go out with her again just for the sake of having a girlfriend. That's not nice at all. ... (9 replies)
... Don't tell her you're not attracted to her. Tell her you had a great time, but you realized you're not ready to date anyone at this point in your life. ... (9 replies)
... Well, yes, my friend used to have a crush on me, but that was a long time ago and nothing happened because I am not attracted to him in that way. But we decided to be friends and everything was great. I don't know if she knows the story, though. ... (178 replies)
... might have made some flattering comment about you to her, and that's what probably set her off. The best you can do is to just shrug it off. I would definitely not say anything to her about this, because WHY should you be defending yourself? ... (35 replies)
... Speaking of dumb, I do not think she is dumb at all. ... (10 replies)
... I have lived together with my girlfriend for 8 years, just the same as married. ... (66 replies)
... pissed at me now. OH well, he thinks I want him to be perfect, all I wanted was for him to be normal, my goodness. and how can I be with someone who I am not attracted to? ... (8 replies)
... That I absolutely do not understand, but I guess some guys dont care whether or not you are attached, or a mommy. He NEVER accuses me of cheating. He knows I have strong beliefs about infidelity, and would never do that. ... (4 replies)
... They were practically drooling all over themselves, very pretty girls at that, yet he was like, eh, not interested. ... (16 replies)
... of the weight and have gain a lot of muscle mass and definition. However i feel that the females tend to not like a guy with acne. My acne is not that bad, but i do have some red scarring and mild acne. I shower daily and dress nicely and smell nice as well. ... (24 replies)
... e you wear to judge other people based on your "acceptable" level of standards. Maybe all those other ladies hear you are dirty, snobby, thinks he's hot but he's not and below average in their minds? ... (18 replies)
... Is it possible you are attracted to men as opposed to women? ... (8 replies)
... I know it is shallow for me to stay because of her looks. But sometimes I even find it hard to be attracted to her when I think about the things she has said and done in the past. ... (62 replies)
... hmmmm....if she is anything like me (hopefully for your sake she's not) she will never forget that comment and will feel insecure about her rear end for a long time...and anything you say to apologize won't help her to forget that you said it in the first place. I still have moments where I remember deragatory comments previous boyfriends have made about my body---20 years... (25 replies)
... te when another girl is attractive, but I don't want to bonk her. I think a lot of girls just play up the whole "bi" angle because they know guys find it sexy. Not knocking it, because I wish a lot more guys would play up the whole "bi" angle. Nothing is quite so hot as seeing two cute guys kiss, in my book. ... (12 replies)
... n you are considering being with the rest of your life doesn't want you to hang out with her friends because you have nothing in common. If this is true, is she attracted to the things you don't have in common with these people? ... (10 replies)
... With the intensity of your brother's relationship, if you DO try to talk to him about not marrying her, you probably will drive him away. Unfortunately, the most you can probably do is be there for him no matter what. ... (3 replies)

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