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... This post is in reference to a summer job my girlfriend of 2 years has, and I'd appreciate any input you might have on what you make of it. ... (5 replies)
... The reason why I say that is because you don't seem to trust your girlfriend enough to be out in the world alone without you being there to watch what she does or if someone tries to pick up on her. ... (5 replies)
... She claims she is just building up her trust in me, i believe that, but another part of me is saying she will always be really paranoid about it. I tried to reassure her that i would never do that. ... (10 replies)

... Somebody being paranoid is never a good sign of anything. That is closely linked to jealousy, possessiveness, obsessiveness, and being stabbed in your sleep. ... (10 replies)
... Our relationship is quite strong and glitch-free so far, but the fact remains that she's spending 5-6 hrs a day in a room with the guy, and it's easy to start developing feelings for someone when you are spending that much time together, and touching base with your boyfriend for 1/2 hour max. (5 replies)
... vy. I told him I thought that was not fair to me or to her. He is making her think she has a chance with him when she doesn't and not fair to me because I am his girlfriend and he should not be ashamed of me. He apologized and said that she was in the bar with a guy that could be her boyfriend anyway. ... (5 replies)
Aug 11, 2003
... Sorry if this is a long post but I'm really struggling here. I've been going out with my girlfriend for nearly a year now. She seems like the sweetest human being in the world and I truly love her. I was in relationship in which I was lied to and cheated on. ... (4 replies)
... constantly texts her nonstop and ALWAYS asks to hang out, my girlfriend says theres no feelings between them anymore and i believe that she has no feelings towards him, but i still think that he has feelings towards her. ... (3 replies)
... I’ve been with my girlfriend for a year now and it seems that every other month I get really paranoid and think that she wants to end it but she’s afraid to say anything as she’ll hurt me. She always tells me that she loves me and I mean the world to her, as I do the same to her. I think she’s amazing. However at times I feel that she has to fit me in with the rest of her... (7 replies)
... I really need some help to understand my girlfriend better and hopefully someone here can give me some good advice. I will really appreciate it! ... (17 replies)
... Thing is, it doesn't matter if you hate your ex and wish her the very worst. Even if you bring your ex up in a negative light, what it shows your new girlfriend is that you're still thinking about your ex, in one way or another! She's still occupying your mind. Nobody wants that. ... (10 replies)
... Sounds like your girlfriend and my girlfriend could be very good friends :rolleyes: I know all about the reassurance factor (read my thread if you'd like an example). Just know that the only reason she would tell you if something happened is if she's already wanting an excuse to get out. If she has no plans on leaving you, then trust me when I say, you'll NEVER get... (19 replies)
... He freaked out on me and told me that I was being a crazy jealous girlfriend and he didn't want to be with me if I was going to try and dictate his life. ... (4 replies)
... I would think you are being a bit paranoid. Yoru girlfriend sounds independant and like she has lots of friends, there is nothing wrong with that! ... (7 replies)
... losing you, as you say, she is just going to be worse and worse the longer you date each other. I may be wrong about this, but somehow I don't think so. Being paranoid and behaving this way is never a good sign, in my opinion, whether you have been dating a week or a year or married, just isn't healthy. ... (10 replies)
... Hi Skylar! Your paranoia about being cheated on could certainly be coming from seeing it happen to your mother. If that's the case, counseling can do a lot for you as far as letting go of that resentment you're still carrying around for your father and moving on with your life. I do know what it feels like to be constantly paranoid. In my case, my problem started when I... (5 replies)
... Hi, I just really want clarification that this is normal. I first met my current girlfriend on a night out in August, we hit off (but we didn't sleep together). We arranged to see each other again in the next few weeks. She was currently finishing her placement year and was just about to go back to University to finish off her degree - which is about 1hr 45 min away.... (1 replies)
... This is a very good point. If she loved him only as a friend, out of respect for her friendship and for her friend's new love, she would stop saying it if it bothered you. I definately don't think you're the crazy jealous girlfriend -- I think it is more than she's the crazy ex who can't move on -- but I suppose if she stops insisting that 'I love you' is a part of her... (11 replies)
... girlfriend is clearly not over him, and that is dangerous. I'd ask him why he'd bother to go out and get a new girlfriend when he can't even let go of his old one. That isn't fair to you at all. ... (11 replies)
... I wouldn't show up at a bar unexpected to check up on her, that would only make me look like an ***. If it got to the point of me thinking about doing that then it is time to end the relationship. I did let her know that the one on one thing with a guy is not something I can deal with. Hopefully she will respect that because to be honest with you I am really happy with her. (14 replies)

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