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... My girlfriend and I started dating back in December of 2008. During our first date, she asked me how many people I've been with. ... (19 replies)
... My girlfriend and I have been together for almost 2 years now, and we have a very close relationship. ... (15 replies)
... omment to make perhaps immature but I don't get it as being a slam in your face....and as far as the exbf talking about sex with her. She didn't bring it up the past sex stuff etc....HE did and you said nothing about her laughing it up with him etc. Was she egging him on in a way to get him going? ... (12 replies)

... Here is the question, How can I explain to my girlfriend the reason I look at other women? ... (20 replies)
... I'm 25 and having some girlfriend issues. ... (12 replies)
... It's good that you do, though I'm pretty sure you'd feel differently about your EX's boyfriend if he'd been bad-mouthing you to the kids! There's EX no 2 you'd have a problem with if he'd been bad-mouthing you to the kids!! Dont get me wrong, I'm sure there's more to the story, there always is. Not being nasty here, but I'd love to hear the women's side of it! (48 replies)
... Although I thought he was sensitive, he said he hoped I didn't think the past week "meant anything" and that he really wanted to be friends. Then he asked if I wanted to hang out with him and his girlfriend. ... (4 replies)
... My girlfriend and I have been together just over 2.5 years. We've been with eachother every day, literally. ... (11 replies)
... My name is Mark. I am from the US and I am 20 years old. My girlfriend and I have been dating for a year now and let me just say it has been up and down the entire time but not for reasons that you may think. ... (13 replies)
... Now, three years after that last fiasco, she has been MY girlfriend for the past 8 months. ... (5 replies)
... as taken the time to respond. This forum may be a saving grace for me and for our relationship. I definitely have something wrong with me and I would like to get past it because I really do care for her. ... (19 replies)
... Did you have the same issues with them about past partners or were they all virgins and you just ruined them for the rest of us dirty old men? ... (25 replies)
... This is about my girlfriend of about 4 months now. ... (39 replies)
... nes, I could definetly use the "i haven't found the girl with that perfect chemistryto get serious with". I can't use that line in my situation. If she were my girlfriend now, then I'd be much more comfortable to tell her about the past. But right now, at this stage in the relationship, I'm too embarrassed to do it. ... (7 replies)
... there is nothing here that you need to "forgive" your girlfriend for. The notion is laughable. ... (15 replies)
... of their lives, to find many people who were interested in becoming involved with them. So whenever a guy is so insecure as to be threatened and troubled by his girlfriend having had a lot of guys want her and experience her in the past, it tends to make me defensive. ... (19 replies)
... Do I go without my current girlfriend and seem like i don't care about her? ... (16 replies)
... Thanks for your advice! I greatly appreciate it. I think the reason why it still looms over my head is because I feel completely guilty about my actions back then... especially when my bf now is soooo (SOOO) understanding.... and that whole break up with my ex was so life changing and scarring. In addition to that.... I am a bit paranoid all these skeletons are going to... (12 replies)
... honestly truly think she hasn't actually physically cheated on me. And yes I will say I find it odd that three people from the same work place all came on to my girlfriend around the same time. ... (12 replies)
... Hi everybody. I'm a 20 year old and I've been together with my girlfriend for 2 years. Everything is going smoothly except for two things. We don't really have a lot of common interests. It's a lot of times we do stuff on our own. ... (5 replies)

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