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Girlfriend traits
Jun 17, 2011
... You say you have done things in the past that you're not proud of, but did not elaborate. In this case, I think the details here are important. ... (8 replies)
... be the girl she was before. It sounds like she's repressing and just shutting down instead of allowing herself to mourn, feel the pain, and then be able to move past it. She'll never move past it until she deals with it, which she seems dead set against doing. ... (4 replies)
... Maybe it's wishful thinking, you can't "redo" anything, and in the past you probably wish you'd handled certain situations differently and probably think if you had, your relationship with her today might be different. ... (24 replies)

... Thanks so much :) It's like you all actually know me or something with how you can already predict my actions/emotions. I've been talking to a female friend of mine (apparently only women can understand this situation as all my guy friends think I should just have sex with her and not worry about it) but she has been really helpful as well. I think having a back and forth with... (24 replies)
... I feel very lucky to be given this last chance. I am determined to get past this stupid obsession of mine. It's not worth risking the relationship over it, she's just too damn important to me. ... (19 replies)
... She explained that she's sorry again for what happened a year ago but she said we need to move on past all of this. She asked that I give her today to her self with her mom. ... (19 replies)
... I only read your first post and nothing else, but don't you think you are taking honesty to a new level? Honesty up to a point, let her keep her SELF to herself, there are some things that a person owes to keep private, but I believe control, should not have place in relationships. Trying to take total control of her personal self, the part which we keep to ourselves for our... (19 replies)
... Dude, You should just calm down and give her some space...I'm going through a very similar situation with my ex at the moment. I related to your topic so much and want to share mine. Me and her just broke up a month ago. I did it. We confessed a whole bunch of shit to each other which Idn what to believe. I took her virginity a year ago. We been dating for the past 6... (19 replies)
Girlfriend's past
Apr 14, 2010
... This "past" that we are talking about is her childhood. Girls who don't get enough attention from from their parents (especially their fathers) often are promiscuous when they are young. As long as they grow up and become more mature later then they will be fine. As a high school teacher I've seen evidence of this many times. Also, my best friend in high school was like... (3 replies)
... Given her past history of lies and drama, her story is not believable. She loves attention and loves being the victim. ... (48 replies)
... Johnny, the one thing that's confusing me is when you said at Christmas time you had a fight with her because you "over-stepped the mark and she said she didn't need you making things more confusing." What does this mean exactly? It kind of sounds like you tried to kiss her, flirt with her aggresively, or behaved in some other way that went beyond just being friends. And... (32 replies)
... I have to agree that it almost sounds as though your girlfriend is enjoying your jealousy and doing it on purpose. ... (12 replies)
... Here's the thing... you've obviously got your stuff in order, and for that you should be really proud. I know guys 10 or 20 years older than you who don't have that! Now here's the part that gets tricky. You're going to have to decide if you want to stay in a relationship with an immature girl who still has a ton to learn about life, goals, experience, etc. Because this... (8 replies)
... me, that would make me think she is just too young and immature to be in a real commited relationship on an adult level. I hope that isn't the case, because from past posts, it sounds like you really have feelings for her. ... (8 replies)
... Thanks alot...and no i didnt bother me you seem like a really nice guy so it was flattering...but i kinda have a on-off type of boyfriend a little older than you and he doesnt seem to know how to do i express to him that hes upsetting me by not helping?... i feel now like hes afraid to get close to me now...i mean at first in our relation ship i was terrified of... (26 replies)
... i suppose that the cultural norm is that the guy is supposed to be with more sexual partners than the girl. so maybe your not feeling so manly? but times are a changin as usual. everyone is different. and people sometimes use sex in different ways, when with or without love. i can see you being irked about her still being in contact with some of those guys, but it is in the... (25 replies)
... Im very sorry to hear your story. Its terrible that stuff like this happens to innocent children, but you have to look at it this way, its a bad chapter in your life. Make the rest of your life as good as you possibly can. Im very glad you're taking the huge step by telling someone. You are definitely doing the right thing and he will soon suffer the consequences. But im also... (26 replies)
... It may be that he is not judging her past.....are you? I would certainly understand his not wanting to hang out with other partners. That he can be upfront with his GF about.....I think each one of us is different and if you are uncomfortble hanging out with ex boyfriends/casual sex partners, then so be it. You don't have to do is your choice. (25 replies)
... start setting limits on who is okay to hang out with and who is not, you are on your way down a slippery slope. Be glad she is honest with you. If you can't get past it, then there's nothing wrong with looking for someone who shares similar views. I guess you just have to decide whether it's a dealbreaker or not. ... (25 replies)
... I do think you're going OTT about the number of her past partners though. Six is nothing for a woman in her mid twenties. I know women who get laid by a different man every weekend and lost count a long time ago. ... (25 replies)

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