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... You are one very smart woman Pebbles. You have that going for you, and believe me, a lot of women don't. Be careful now, with this one, you've told him, "no, you already have a girlfriend", but he is continuing pursuit. He'll try to sweet talk you into a relationship, now. If you choose to listen to his words, you better be certain you can tell the BS from the truth because he... (25 replies)
... the fact that i have the worset friends possible also doesnt help......arghhh my friend was meant to be meet me, i was paranoid he wasnt going to turn up, and he doesnt after sending me messages andcalling me tellnig me he is turning up... ... (77 replies)
... out of his system. Well recently I noticed many emails to females at his work, most very common.. hi how are you, that sort of thing. But there are a few that really spark my interest... he'll talk with them about their living situations, they're marital status, etc. in a way that seems just conversational.. ... (11 replies)

... About 2 weeks ago is when it really got bad.. ... (7 replies)
... Speaking from personal experience, I know exactly how it is to feel paranoid and wondering what he's doing...I still do. I asked him at least 3X if there was another girl when we broke up and he said no. ... (38 replies)
... f brevity, I'll use a common example that most people may know and can relate to, as I often do. If you ever saw the tv show Friends, you remember Chandler's old girlfriend Janice? ... (26 replies)
... ssed call and he asks me if it was Amanda. I said "yeah, she called while you were racing. Was that who just called you now", and he said yes. He said she was really excited to hear how he did racing this weekend. ... (23 replies)
... I need help about my relationship with my girlfriend. Its really urgent. As u can already guess her name is Lexi. Nice name i know. But we are having a problem. Conversation on the phone is becoming dim. ... (3 replies)
... ad been returning her calls and that he had lied to me about this and had even deleted her number from his outgoing call log. This pissed me off to no end, and I really let him have it. I really ripped him a new one and said some pretty hurtful things for which I did apologize for. ... (22 replies)
... Your BF is most likely a really nice guy who is being honest when he says he can't just erase people from his life. He cares about her as a friend. As long as he really is telling her that he is happy with you and that she needs to accept it, then you have nothing to really worry about on his end. ... (9 replies)
Trust issue
Mar 10, 2007
... I'm facing a problem I never really had to face before. That being, for the past year and nine months, I have been the sole focus in my boyfriends life. "Only has eyes for me" kinda thing. ... (9 replies)
... true cause I really don't know. But I think it might be true for some ppl. ... (10 replies)
... OK. So I make plans with my girlfriend for that night. I really had plans with her anyway. But, my BF calls at 5 p.m. when he is off work and wants to know if I can still take him car shopping. ... (14 replies)
... me because I suffer from clingyness, paranoia, and I feel like I have an inner demon inside making me say or do stupid things that pushes my ex away, I will get paranoid about something that is totally nothing and either sulk, look miserable or move away and be moody with him then deny it later when he pulls me up about it. ... (5 replies)
... I know very sneaky but I was paranoid with reason! ... (92 replies)
... Im kinda stuggling to get over my ex girlfriend and im not being helped by the fact that im sure her and one of ym best mates are going to "get it on". ... (2 replies)
... drove by his house, although I don't know what I was looking for, as it's always way too dark to see if his car is home, and he parks it behind his house where I really wouldn't be able to see it, anyway. Nevertheless, I drove by. There he was, standing on his front porch with a group of people. ... (50 replies)
... at way anymore.. etc etc she told me we can be friends and i just broke in to tears. its been a week and i havent called her all i want is to be back with her. i really do love her with all my heart and know that if she would give it a chance then it would work. ... (9 replies)
Jan 11, 2012
... I ended up getting involved with a man from work, N, who I thought really liked me and whom I really, extremely liked. We saw each other for 3 months, hung out all the time, texted, fooled around, the usual... ... (10 replies)
... months ago, I found out that he had a girlfriend when he joined the dating site and met me, and did not break up with her until we had been dating for over a month. ... (31 replies)

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