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... I've been with my girlfriend for about a year and a half. We are 33 years old. We've had troubles with the relationship, just can't always seem to see eye to eye on how we spend time together. ... (17 replies)
... Hi there, It does appear that something isn't sitting quite right in your relationship with this woman, but it could also be taken out of context without knowing the full situation. She shouldn't be lying about staying out at other men's houses and things like that, to me that is a huge break of trust and can only create troubles. Any amount of lying can only cause to... (7 replies)
... For this relationship to have a prayer of working out, you need to get out and get a life and do other stuff. Find other things to do when you're not with your girlfriend because otherwise this relationship will keep getting worse and it's never going to last. ... (4 replies)

... of troubles each person in the relationship has regarding whether or not two troubled people can make love work. ... (8 replies)
... i know he is very shy and when we talk he seems to open up to me and has told me he was very hurt by his previous girlfriend and we can talk all night!! ... (6 replies)
... otional issues to another guy with the same issues. Your better off without either of them. Unfortunately, you will probably find out the hard way. Any friend or girlfriend who will go behind a friend"s back, isn"t good relationship material. ... (4 replies)
... Hmm, let me see if I can answer any questions you had, realguy... I swear, I hate having no tone of voice over the internet. I know I made Jerry sound like a complete cretin, but he is not. He is far too good a friend with Corey to try and talk me into being with him and breaking up with Corey. Jerry stated to me that as long as I am happy, then he will be happy....of... (4 replies)
... This made me go "hmmmm" as well. The fact that she sort of threw it up in your face that you guys aren't married sort of sounds like maybe she doesn't feel like she's gotten as much of a commitment from you as she would have liked, now she feels like she doesn't have to honor your feelings. I suppose some people stay really good friends with exes, but if you have that much of... (8 replies)
... I didn't like the "we're not married" part... what is that suppossed to mean? Wasn't that a read flag for you? I mean, you might not being married, but if you're together in a relationship and making plans for your future, you should have respect for each other and if your couple comes and tells you that you have no saying in that matter because you're not married, then you're... (8 replies)
... Hide under the bed until the baby is born,,,,, :D But seriously, I agree with hillary,,,homones do not excuse bad behavior. (28 replies)
... Having had children, yes, hormones can be THAT bad!! It is hard for everyone, including her, I assure you. But I will say,she absolutely should not have been confiding in another man about her relationship troubles. That is just plain disrespectful towards you, and definately encouraged his interest (insinuating her relationship may be on the rocks). Hormones do NOT excuse... (28 replies)
... wow... many replies... i thank you all... really means a lot to have some imput and what not... yes he's in a band, they decided to get together to play this one gig and haven't had anything since, but i want to watch, i'd be happy with that... but he never lets me... he wants "time with the guys"... which is fine, just it'd be nice to have "time with the girlfriend" once... (9 replies)
... Hello everyone I am a 16 year old guy that is having a very big problem. I go to a school that there are alot of very good looking girls are but they reject me alot. I am 5'7 186lbs and dark brown hair, green eyes. I like girls but they don't like me. Andrew ------------------ (1 replies)
... n overlook that and love me anyway. If he ever really believed all that stuff in the first place. It seemed too convenient that he got religion after his college girlfriend left him, and lost it again after he dumped me. I guess I'll never know for sure what the real truth was. ... (30 replies)
... week, my brothers girlfriend kept cheating on him,leaving him for other men then using him giving him hope of been reunited i supported him through all of it. ... (5 replies)
... Rosequartz, I know you are talking about "tough love" where I have heard that many couples with troubles teens have had to impose. They have thrown their kids out of the house with clothes on back and no money. ... (26 replies)
... rst, I've seen people throw away real life relationships in exchange for online fantasies, and have even experienced a good amount of these "online relationship" troubles myself. ... (41 replies)
... I just broke up with my girlfriend on Wednesday night. We have been dating a month and a half. We met online and we are long distance, about 2 hours or so away from each other. ... (3 replies)
... Honestly, my girlfriend is 21, gorgeous, and I AM THE ONLY PERSON SHE HAS EVER SLEPT WITH. Heck, I am the only person she has ever gotten passed second base with. ... (32 replies)
... This is why i have a really hard time maintaining friendships, and making new ones. This is why i have troubles even getting a girlfriend, hell, i cant even get a regular date just to the movies or anything. ... (5 replies)

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