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... rl more like you, and his girlfriend, after she grows up and gets her head on a bit straighter, needs to be with a man who doesn't freak out at tears and doesn't mind a sensitive woman. ... (67 replies)
... nture to bet you probably were a little snippy, demanding and irritated with her for wanting to get a plastic bag... if you had asked her nicely, hon.. would you mind not using a plastic bag to carry the jar? ... (67 replies)
... rational and very black and white, but by no means an emotional robot. The girlfriend seems sensitive and a bit immature. ... (67 replies)

... Absolutely...who in their right mind screams and hollers and pulls their hair out over something so silly? ... (67 replies)
... My first question would be "Why are you having a nice lunch together at a restraunt and you have your Computer bag & gym bag with you?" Maybe she feels you care more about these items rather than her and she doesn't feel like she has a right to say anything because you don't live together and that is driving her a little batty. Just a thought. I love the computer and ex... (67 replies)
... I agree with you.I think your personalities are mismatched also.Now comes the hard part.How do you breakup with someone that is suicidal?:eek: (67 replies)
... I seem to get into these arguments with my girlfriend over ridiculous things. ... (67 replies)
... to the op as well. Next time, i think he just needs to keep his eye on the little things and pick a girl who either walks at the same pace as he does, or doesn't mind walking behind him all the time, or a woman he finds so lovable and enthralling that he doesn't mind slowing down his pace to walk with her. ... (67 replies)
... I get angry when my husband doesn't let me know what's going on and have to sit and sit and sit and wait for him and I'm starving but I don't lose my everlovin' mind over it! ... (67 replies)
... No, the problem started when he had his hands full upon leaving the restaurant and she was inconsiderate not offer help. Once she had the jar she continued to complain and lagged behind, obviously whining about the bag, very annoying over a stupid jar of sauce. If I was him I would have thrown the jar out, it was the problem. What will happen if the Christmas tree falls on top... (67 replies)
... Who in their right mind would act like that? ... (67 replies)
... I must admit I was thinking this way also.. The snatching the jar for instance, sounds a tad agressive, and maybe she justifyably wanted to put it into a bag, surely thats her choice if she is to carry it . Maybe her bad reaction was as of result of a build up of tension between the two of you. You sound to me that you were in quite a bad mood that day, and she... (67 replies)
... versions. Open mind OP. think about it. ... (67 replies)
May 23, 2018
... I made up my mind in telling you my problem since I do have now the guts to tell you this one since my trauma started. ... (1 replies)
... year, she always slept over, we were always on the phone, alway's knew what the other one was doing, yet we were not going out. In my mind, I considered her my girlfriend as I didn't really talk to other girls, or pursue any other women. Guess what? ... (5 replies)
... Something else that is really on my mind is her family. We have been together for 1 year and 1 month. I have been in her house like 2 or 3 times for like a few minuets max. ... (17 replies)
... not leave her husband for me and made me feel like a sex toy or a prostitute. I tried to find someone else and the first one I found was mentally challenged and unstable with 4 little kids so I dumped her. Then it was a girl I had dated in jr high school. She was married and left her husband for me. ... (0 replies)
... e mature than his mother. He is thankful for every thing I do for him, and for the sacrifices I make. And now I can rest assured he is safe with me, not with her unstable mother. ... (24 replies)
... would hate to see such a sweet young girl be forever altered by an early experience with a manipulative abuser...this could not only affect your current state of mind and safety, but permanently affect your future decisions about men and relationships if your first real experience with love is tarnished by abuse. ... (23 replies)

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