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... okay this is has become ridiculous. i got halfway through reading these posts and it was just annoying. i can see from your side, and i can see from hers. i agree that the whole pounding her head and pulling her hair and wanting to kill herself.. is infact unstable. i think you are being closed-minded when it comes to the freakin sauce jar. she wanted a bag, big deal. you dont... (67 replies)
... Based on this one narrow incident, the way you've described your side of it, yes, she sounds very unstable to me. I'm not going to wonder about what color dress she might have been wearing or what her feelings are on the environment. ... (67 replies)
... id and petty arguments with our SOs, but most of us do not explode into this suicidal monster over these petty things even on our worst PMS days. I'm sorry, but unstable doesn't even begin to describe her. ... (67 replies)

... I'm clearly a cold, unfeeling person to have taken my girlfriend to lunch, paid for the meal as I always do ... ... (67 replies)
... This is the hard part about getting adivce over the internet. None of us was there, we did not see the interaction and who got snarky first, who used wht tone, etc. But from your initial telling of the story, you asked her to carry the bottle, she had no problem with it until you INSISTED she carry it by hand rather than in a bag. i can only assume your tone even at that point... (67 replies)
... you know, I dont think it really is anybodys fault here, you need something different from a woman than she is offering and vice versa.... I can probably venture to bet you probably were a little snippy, demanding and irritated with her for wanting to get a plastic bag... if you had asked her nicely, hon.. would you mind not using a plastic bag to carry the jar? I bet she... (67 replies)
... rational and very black and white, but by no means an emotional robot. The girlfriend seems sensitive and a bit immature. ... (67 replies)
... Wow. Almost 50 responses over a jar of sauce -- not to mention the initial pouting, silent treatment, pulling of the hair, suicidal threats -- am I missing anything? I'm not trying to make light of your situation, OP; I'm really not. But if you're in an otherwise healthy relationship, a snipity convo after a meal should NOT result in something like this, i.e., what I... (67 replies)
... Treat his wife that way? I don't understand what you mean...I'm talking about the wife expecting the man to do all the time and come home and work at home too. No taking care of kids isn't an easy job but it is a job that many women choose rather than working outside the home. I certainly wouldn't expect my husband to work all the time and come home and do... (67 replies)
... er head off of a window and pulls her hair out because you were offended that she wouldn't do something as simple as carry a jar of sauce. She is way emotionally unstable and needs to be committed lol. If I was in his shoes and got no help I am POSITIVE I definitely would have a harsh tone too. ... (67 replies)
... Let her go. You need a woman more like Mom. Unfortunately I think you will find that somebody with that much control over emotions is going to be quite rare. I don't hesitate to say that MOST women will become emotional/angry when disrespected and criticised. I also think that being told that your unhappiness is 'indecent' would be pretty much a slap in the face. Maybe she did... (67 replies)
... Right...if my husband did any of the things that you got in a fight over, I can't say that I wouldn't be ticked off too but good god...I wouldn't go crazy and start hitting myself! That's nuts...she's NUTS!:eek: (67 replies)
... I really find it sad that everyone is being rude to the poster! The issue isn't whether he walks ahead of his girlfriend or whether he brings his friggin computer to a restaurant or the fact that she didn't need a bag for one measly item. ... (67 replies)
... My first question would be "Why are you having a nice lunch together at a restraunt and you have your Computer bag & gym bag with you?" Maybe she feels you care more about these items rather than her and she doesn't feel like she has a right to say anything because you don't live together and that is driving her a little batty. Just a thought. I love the computer and ex... (67 replies)
... okay i'm putting my two cents in..... I have read all of the posts and agree with the girls who are on his side not opposing him. First off he asked her to carry it, who cares if it had a bag or not, she shouldn't even have to question him for a bag she should just carry the jar and not be such a baby about it i mean how hard is it carry a little jar while he is carrying... (67 replies)
... I agree with you.I think your personalities are mismatched also.Now comes the hard part.How do you breakup with someone that is suicidal?:eek: (67 replies)
... YOU always refuse to use plastic bags! Your girlfriend is NOT you and is allowed to have her own thoughts, choices and opinions. ... (67 replies)
... There you go. The OP needs to be with a girl more like you, and his girlfriend, after she grows up and gets her head on a bit straighter, needs to be with a man who doesn't freak out at tears and doesn't mind a sensitive woman. (67 replies)
... If I may say, you have the right to feel any way you want to about plastic bags, but you really dont' have the right to insist that others do what you would do. I would say that if I were in your girlfriend's position, I would ask for a bag as well because they have handles and carrying a round slick glass bottle that can break and make a huge mess if dropped would be... (67 replies)
... carry your stuff then your rules and regulations do not apply to them and they are free to do what they deem fit inorder to carry out the task at hand... so your girlfriend had every right to get herself a plastic bag to carry the stuff in since she was the one who was going to be carrying it! ... (67 replies)

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