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... I have been dating my girlfriend for almost 11 months, and even though we have issues I see potential. ... (17 replies)
... so she says she was raped, flirts with him, meets him, does it behind your back ? ... (17 replies)
... Wow. Well, if you are determined to hang out with (and possibly marry) crazy then there isn't much to say. At most she is suffereing from PTSD and is still being controlled by ex #2 and at the least she is lying to you about her involvement with him. (17 replies)

... She lies to you. She flirts with her ex and is in contact with him behind your back. Do you know for a fact that he actually raped her? ... (17 replies)
... correct, however the mere fact that I have feelings for her and that I don't make rash decisions has led me to this website. My expectations from this post was to get as many viewpoints as possible, and that I may be able to see the situation from a different perspective. Thank you for sharing your perspective. ... (17 replies)
... either they seek that type of person out, or they only say that the person was bad when really they weren't. Either way, it's not a good thing, and doesn't bode well for you. ... (17 replies)
... I admire you for loving her so much... i can say that you're really one of a kind. well the decision is still yours, if you think that you will click as one then go. no matter what ,you are the one who can really know who she really is. (17 replies)
... So she either is lying about the rape or is so obsessed with this guy/her self-esteem is so low that she hangs out with him anyway. In either of these scenarios, my advice would be the same - she has serious psychological problems and you shouldn't be with someone like that. That's serious stuff. (17 replies)
... You need to be very careful in this relationship because I'm afraid that you will get hurt in the end. She doesn't appear to be very honest. It's highly unlikely that a woman would stay in contact with a guy who abused her and violated her in that way. I'm not sure she is being truthful about that. If it is true, then why is she still in contact with him? For what... (17 replies)
... From an outsiders perspective and just going on what you have told seems like you are trying to talk yourself into getting on this train with her even though you know what kind of a ride it is going to be. From an outsider's perspective, it shouldn't take you any time whatsoever to decide that this relationship is only going to be trouble. Having to think about it,... (17 replies)
... instead of wasting precious energy in this relationship, why not use that energy trying to find out why you are compelled to "rescue" women. I don't think this relationship will last, and then you will have some knowledge for your next one. :angel: (17 replies)
... Not in a hurry is kind of oxymoron. I am in a hurry to find out the truth, but can wait. Not sure for how long, but I can wait. I am willing to invest time and effort even money for counseling. The counseling can only help me no matter the outcome of our relationship. Thanks (17 replies)
... Okay, thanks for the answers. I see you are determined to find the truth about this person. From reading your original post, I gather there is some ambivalence about her. Like she is still hiding something, despite the fact that you "can communicate well with one another". If you are not in a hurry and can invest some more time to get to know her better, then do it. She is... (17 replies)
... Thanks for your insight, you may be right. I will find out sooner than later! (17 replies)
... Thanks for your advice, I am not the kind of person who quickly changes. I do understand what you're saying and will use it to make my decision. Thanks (17 replies)
... I would like to marry her if we can get through this, not tomorrow but in a couple of years. She has a great personality, she's very attractive, and for the most part we can communicate well with one another. I am not helping her financially, but I have helped her with her home repairs/remodeling etc. Only with free labor, she has a higher income than me with a fair amount... (17 replies)
... So far I have no advice to give, but a couple of questions: Where do you see potential in this relationship? Or in other words, what things in this woman make you attracted to and interested in her as a partner? Are you helping her with money or something? To me, it feels like you could be wasting your time with her, but let me have your answers first. (17 replies)
... your gut instinct to move on is the right one..... this girl is a drama queen.....she thrives on it...... if you don't want to get sucked into it, i suggest you move on. this girl isn't emotionally healthy, and it's impossible to have a healthy relationship with someone like her. (17 replies)
... I have been broken up with my ex for 6 months now and have started to think that I may have overlooked things she told me. However I'm not sure if things my ex confided in me about were true or if she was just attention seeking. I can't ask her about it now, things didn't end well so we haven't spoken since we broke up. ... (3 replies)
Oct 1, 2009
... d like to build a little background so it is easier to understand. Me and my current girlfriend have been dating for a year and a half now, approximately, and everything is well now. ... (6 replies)

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