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... lly matter at all, and if you were truly in love with this woman and envisioned a future with her, I think you would be eager to do anything you can to leave her past in the past and embrace her, as well as love her, unconditionally from now on. ... (19 replies)
... My girlfriend and I have been together for 2 and a half going on 3 years now. i want to start off by saying, i really dont care about my girlfriends past, nor what she does, im really open about this relationship. Mainly because i dont care for relationships. I just truly love this girl. ... (19 replies)
... Honestly I don't care about the past number of partners as much as I care about the prostitution and orgy stuff. I've been with as many women as I want and I choose them how I want. She does too. ... (19 replies)

... or get off the pot. if you don't have the security within yourself to get past her past, then move on. ... (19 replies)
... and I don't know why I can't look past her old debauchery and see the woman she is now. ... (19 replies)
... Hello. I agree with music4all, I think your girlfriend is being very honest with you and to me, that is a good thing. I also believe that the past is the past and we all make mistakes. ... (19 replies)
... said that a lot of alcoholics are like that, manic, then they calm down, but not depressive. Their past can somewhat be hard to understand because they were under the influence and most of them didn't even know what they were doing. ... (19 replies)
... by the time she is 16 and many of them aren't good people at all. Well her past have finally caught up with her and she is now pregnant to a guy she has meaningless sex with. ... (19 replies)
... Sexual Experience is an elastic term... TEN partners? You could fall in love with a woman who has been waiting for the man she marries - for a special experience that is theirs and theirs alone. She could look at you with your ten meaningful experiences and be horrified. Then you'd be sittting right where your girlfriend is right now with someone who thinks YOUR morals... (19 replies)
... No doubt that she's awefully weak now, mainly because of the rocky past she has had. Since you are the best man she has even met, she needs you the most now. Ask yourself !! ... (19 replies)
... She's been sober for 4.5 years. She has had a troubled life - obviously. Her father died when she was young and she squandered the family inheritance to drink herself silly all over Europe for 3 years. Now she has a good job and is paying back her family but she often freaks out and retreats back to child like behavior - especially around her family. Honestly I... (19 replies)
... I myself am a testament that people can change. The past five years, I had the double whammy of being a young adult and an alcoholic, wreaking havoc wherever I went. ... (19 replies)
... But after 6 months of dating she eludes to "moving in together" sometimes. Other times she is very happy go lucky. She tells me that she only wants to be with me and I am the best man she has ever met. Then she'll turn around and say that the future is up in the air. I think she has been hurt in the past - badly - so being with me makes her scared. Maybe I am totally... (19 replies)
... Why get so worked up about her promiscuous past of there is not much likelihood of a long term future. If it bothers you that much, you may just need to find someone that is more like what you are looking for. ... (19 replies)
... I have been in a relationship with a really great guy for the past few months. Before we became committed to each other, we were having a casual conversation about our past number of sexual partners. ... (15 replies)
... Hi everyone, I have been dating a great guy for the past few weeks. I met him a few months ago and really got to know him before we decided to date exclusively. I am 29 and he is 32. ... (14 replies)
... I have only had 1 girlfriend. I don't mind the fact that I've never had a serious girlfriend, but it would be much more respectable if I at least have had a few girlfriends in my life. ... (7 replies)
... Stop asking those questions about past girlfriends. You will come across as nsecure and clingy, you will exhaust him, and in this case you can quickly become just another number. ... (15 replies)
... Yes, it does make it hard, but I doubt very much that it is true. Why, for example, is the jerk who abused me in the past married, when I am not? ... (20 replies)
I miss him.
Apr 4, 2004
... Last, the boyfriend asked the girlfriend about her past. He may not like what he hears. It may not be to his liking and this girl has a past. It is HER past not his! He is entitled to his beliefs...He can tell the GIRL his expectations and HIS past if he chooses. ... (120 replies)

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