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... we could pursue forever, and waste many other opportunities to be with othre fantastic girls. ... (39 replies)
... I admit, my fiance did pursue me, even though I secretly had a crush on him. But at the time I thought he was too young for me. ... (39 replies)
... What a wimp!!! I would have gone out with him, I just didn't want the whole office knowing about it! Anyway, it seems the only guys who really pursue you are the guys who do it out of lack of inhibition and no sense of boundaries, rather than a devotion to us and a sense that we feel the same way deep down inside. ... (39 replies)

RUDE men!!!
Jul 31, 2005
... going up to women in public seems desperate and i think it creeps girls out to tell the truth. i've never been successful at it so would you keep trying it if you were me? ... (22 replies)
RUDE men!!!
Jul 31, 2005
... y find attractive and it's socially acceptable. They are the ones who are expected to "pursue" a woman, so it's viewed as attractive, whereas if a woman were to pursue guys, it would seem "desperate" on her part or be misinterpreted as being "easy," etc. See what I mean? ... (22 replies)
... i know you'd like everything to be like this but GG, the fact is, those are movies and in real life, it just doesn't work that way. most of the time, the guys don't know when a woman is interested. you yourself had said time an time again that guys talk to you but you don't like the ones that do. ... (39 replies)
... someone who cares about me enough to really pursue me. I guess it takes someone who really loves you to do that. Which he knew that she really cared about him too. ... (39 replies)
... Yes, :) but these incidents took place in a bar scene. People don’t typically go to bars looking for their next serious relationship even though some encounters may work out that way. Girls who pursue a guy in a bar, typically, automatically fall into “a girl who pursues guys” (plural). That statement holds true even more after she’s had a few drinks too many and a boiler... (79 replies)
... but i know alot of guys out there struggle with the "what do i do now" or the "when should i do this" in the "meeting and getting to know girls" part of life. ... (17 replies)
... Should girls ever take any initiatives or show any affection when you have gotten in a relationship or should the man have to initiate everything even then? ... (19 replies)
... :wave: hi sophia!! again, i'm guilty as charged. :rolleyes: :( i guess i don't know what to do with my life now.. :( i keep going after the wrong skanky girls..why?? why does this have to happen??? :confused: why can't i just be attracted to who's right for me??? you know what?? you women should walk around with labels (just like food labels with ingredients... (39 replies)
... but girls DON'T make it known... oh i know you think you do... ... (39 replies)
Girls and shy guys
Nov 29, 2004
... it made them want to pursue me. However, guys are expected to take this role, so I'd imagine it's tougher for a guy to be shy than for a girl. However, some girls definitely prefer shy guys! Lots of aggressive guys have showed interest in me, but I've always chosen reserved, quiet, preferably extremely smart boyfriends. ... (11 replies)
... To answer question 3, like Carrie said on an episode of Sex And The City when she decided she wanted her ex boyfriend back and went to his home and threw pebbles at his window, "when men make a grant gesture of love, it's considered bold and romantic. When women do it, it's considered desperate and psycho." Call it the unfairness of biology. Your lst statement is what I'm... (39 replies)
... I have been pursued by women my whole life. My first 3 girlfriends chased after me. One of them was pretty agressive. I actually got use to letting girls come to me and it started to hurt my chances with women as I got a bit 23 now. I really did not develop any kind of "game" with women. ... (79 replies)
... You move pursue he backs back away he will pursue. Leave him be for awhile ...tell him you need a breather then see how the tables turn. ... (9 replies)
... Well, of course, men usually pursue the "wrong" girl! ... (39 replies)
... eat boyfriend and in the next breathe says she's not ready for a relationship she is virutally saying that you are not her type, she likes you as a friend and to pursue elsewhere. ... (39 replies)
... Ok, but where else might a woman pursue a guy if not at a bar: chase after him on the street? :D Let's face it, after we're done with education and your friends don't know any prospective partners to introduce you to, the bar is probably your next best bet. I think it beats the stupid online dating; at least you see the person right away and can interact in person from the... (79 replies)
... I have had girls pursuse me and I pursue them. Their are signals. A lot of times girls will stare at you when they are interested. You can look at thier arms and legs wither they are open are not. ... (39 replies)

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