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... azing sex, we talk a lot and do projects together around the house such as building a dog house, planting flowers, etc... We go out one night every weekend for a date together. We've been living together for less than 6 months, we don't smoke, do drugs and drinking is MAYBE a glass of wine a month so far. ... (98 replies)
... First of all, yes, it's perfectly ok to casually date more than one man at the same time. It's expected. So don't worry about that. ... (5 replies)
... But, you never know what people went through, ect. so he may be basing this statement on something that happened to him or someone he knows in the past. If you like him otherwise, I think you should still go out with him. ... (8 replies)

... n he has free time. As far as the weekend dating thing goes, to be fair, I was completely unaware that women considered Saturday nights as an important night to date until very recently. I just had no idea that was the case, and I would have failed if a guy I was dating tested me by seeing if I would see him every Sat. ... (176 replies)
... What's good for the goose is good for the gander. Guys do the exact same thing and they don't feel one bit guilty about! They date several women at the same time until they find one they want to be exclusive with. ... (176 replies)
... D It's not to say I'm bombarded with a barrage of really great candidates every day, like Stacy. With me it's in spurts. ... (176 replies)
... But I decided I wasn't going to let the split get me down anymore than necessary, so I worked really hard to focus on the future, stay optimistic, keep busy, and go out and have a lot of fun with new guys. ... (30 replies)
... girlfriend while on the date sounds just like the kind of luck I would have!! ... (176 replies)
... So I am working on getting over all of that and moving on, but another thing is that I don't like to hurt people's feelings and the nice guy is just such a good person. ... (176 replies)
... But anyway, the good news is NG called late last night. Like you and Goody said, he was busy wrapping up things at work before his trip. ... (176 replies)
... somewhat of an "internet" thing. For quite a few years now, atleast 5, Ive been talking to pretty much my best friend, I cant help but to say Iam madly in love with her. Though when we first started talking it was more or less just friends having a way to stay in touch. ... (5 replies)
... Goody is in desperate need of advise in regard to my In Laws and their increasing effect on our marriage. ... (37 replies)
... I agree with Goody, Sophia. I don't think you should feel the least bit guilty, especially if you don't have any explicit understanding with NG that you both will be exclusive. ... (176 replies)
... I'm proceeding with caution. Here's how I'm judging him. I believe he's honest, he has honest soft eyes. He looks me in the eye when we talk. He treats me with respect and admiration. He has wonderful manners, a good work ethic with a good paying job. He can communicate well. ... (55 replies)
... but from the way you post about this guy he's got to be the real deal, you sound head over heels crazy about this guy...and him the same with you. ... (55 replies)
... No, no, I wasn't saying that I wouldn't talk or go out with anyone else just because I'm talking to that guy. He is the only one who even remotely interests me right now, though. ... (36 replies)
... Now how does this work with women that I do not know at all? ... (30 replies)
... you'll get noticed, which as i outline below is good. also means your on the same footing, conversation wise as the rest of the group, and not trying to play catchup. your not trying to "fit in" with these people, your trying to get NOTICED. ... (30 replies)
... Yes, I definitely agree that something is going on with me that I need to explore further and come to terms with. ... (30 replies)
... for me had not been as strong as it was before, and that perhaps we should take a break from each other. But fearing losing my companionship, she agreed to stay with me and try to figure things out. ... (10 replies)

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