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... sensitize you. Hard to explain. Don't allow yourself to start thinking of dating in superficial terms. ... (8 replies)
... you really do have so much to be proud and confident about! ... (176 replies)
... I was only trying to suggest that such black and white ideas about what is bad and wrong may be getting in the way of you being happy and finding love. ... (300 replies)

... So if someone responds that you are not their type based upon a photo or profile that is in a sense saying thank you but no thank you. It may be to your advantage to respond in a playful way. ... (26 replies)
Nice skirt
Apr 5, 2007
... Ok Im starting to get a little nervous...i wanted time away from him after a huge argument yesterday. i said some pretty awful things. ... (77 replies)
30 Something Men
Oct 25, 2005
... no matter how progressive a guy is, he will ALWAYS think less of you if you have sex too quickly and if he has any kind of feelings for you, he will wait for you to be ready. ... (77 replies)
30 Something Men
Oct 24, 2005
... I think men don't want to commit nowadays because they get sex and love so easily. Most women give themselves up too easily, and I am clearly one of these. ... (77 replies)
... Yes, with this guy I agree. Like I said on the other thread... he asked for FWB so FWB is all you should be willing to offer him. If he wants more, he's got to be a man and step up to the plate and pursue YOU. But for now, you're not always going to be available! And that's GOOD! ... (23 replies)
... Hi, this is Mrs. selfluvin, I am thankful that I was able to vent my frustrations in here and had gathered some ideas and opinions from all of you. I greatly appreciate all of your support and emphaty to my husband and me. ... (60 replies)
... Your sexual lifestyle I must say is out of the norm for most women and men. ... (30 replies)
... I wouldn't be so fast to chalk this all up to "women don't really like sex, or when they get older, they lose their sex drive. ... (6 replies)
... I don't think that there is one body type that is good for cuddling. I mean if we love someone it shouldn't matter if they are lean or full figured. It is probably for the best that you two are not dating anymore. ... (16 replies)
... Hi Heartland, yes I think what you say makes a lot of sense, and I certainly wasn't meaning to speak of anyone in particular with what I said! ... (30 replies)
Human Doormat
Jan 25, 2009
... I started thinking a lot about a girl friend of mine. We'll call her Kelly for now. I met her in college, she liked me way back when, and a mutual friend tried to set us up, but I wasn't really into her that much. ... (30 replies)
... I know I will need to have the talk with DBF eventually...I know I've posted about it on here a couple times. Come to think of it, I think you replied then too, Larrylou'smom. ... (37 replies)
... for far too long I had to try and repress my desire for a number of different men being stuck in committed relationships, and I'm way too young to fall into that trap again. It's just not appealing right now. ... (576 replies)
Falling Too Fast
Nov 22, 2008
... I think you both may be right. Actually, I started getting a little carried away, and right now I'm reading a page and trying to figure out if I was emotionally abused in my last relationship. ... (10 replies)
... BUT...I'd say, to answer your question what do you do? ... (20 replies)
... but i know alot of guys out there struggle with the "what do i do now" or the "when should i do this" in the "meeting and getting to know girls" part of life. ... (17 replies)
... I'm female, and have been in your shoes. Your latest reply back suggests to me that perhaps you are more sensitive than warrants this situation, AND that you were maybe expecting a few more "you lucky girl, go for it" replies. ... (24 replies)

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