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Update with Craig
Nov 30, 2005
... Yes, I think you are on the right track, Bostongirl. Craig and I had a great time last night. We talked alot and also had a great time in the sack again! ... (120 replies)
... Oh Glamour, so good to see you here! I am SO depressed. I don't know where my life is going and it's just all very disheartening. ... (161 replies)
... The thing is, the more vunerable you make yourself to someone, the more you are leaving yourself open to hurt if they break your trust. I made myself more vunerable to him than I had ever experienced before in my life. ... (300 replies)

... I'm just butting in too . ... (209 replies)
... I've had similar problems with my fiance who I live with. We actually broke up and moved apart and worked things out and are getting married in Sept. He does nag me about stuff and I hate it. However, I've asked him to stop it. ... (34 replies)
... I am new here! It's really inspiring to read the stories here and how everyone is trying to help each other! I came here to vent and to ask for help since I am really sad and confused! ... (202 replies)
... i have just had a similar thing happen to me. My boyfriend and i hit some trouble a couple of months ago cos we never saw each other as a result of work etc and things never got any better. I kept telling myself that maybe if i gave things a little time that it would work out and go back to the way it had been but it didnt. ... (216 replies)
... oncerned about himself than anything else, and I don't think any woman can change that. On top of the age difference and his drama, I wouldn't pursue anything. You wouldn't want to fall in love with someone you work with and have it end badly, with at least one of you getting really hurt. ... (9 replies)
... cute name by the way! I do think you have good instincts. ... (26 replies)
... I totally agree that if you feel there are things unsaid, then you must say them so you have no regrets. I think you owe it to yourself to just tell him straight up once and for all, no hinting, no dancing around the subject, tell him how you feel, and if he doesn't want you back, at least you'll know. ... (25 replies)
... Boy oh boy do I ever know what you're going through. But I have to disagree with the "time heals all wounds" stuff. I don't think it's time that heals wounds, but the process you use to get closure and get over the relationship. ... (8 replies)
Jan 26, 2012
... the gym helps me stay busy, i volunteer on the weekends with the lions club.. ... (6 replies)
... I'm not sure what you were expecting considering you rejected him. By no means am I saying you didn't have reason to or that he was a good guy because clearly he wasn't. ... (20 replies)
... Well, I hope you broke if off with this guy.. He sounds like a real loser. ... (14 replies)
... and pregnant now. We bought a house a while back and have bought some pretty expensive furniture, tv's, computers, etc., etc.... He came over for the first time with his dad a couple months ago. I had a large flat screen tv still in box in livingroom and some stuff we hadn't opened me and hubby got eachother for xmas... ... (32 replies)
To PlaxMax34
Jan 22, 2009
... You have no idea who I am and I have no idea who you are. Thats fine though. ... (0 replies)
... o which is not marry this poor woman who is so "wrong" for him, and also move on from you. I would have told him that maybe he thinks your marriage is wrong, but you know it is right, are happier than you ever dreamt of being and he is the last person you would ever think is right for you. ... (21 replies)
... I can give you some insight from a completely different perspecive. My husband and I were going through some bad times a few years ago and he had an affair. ... (26 replies)
... I don't like how in some of the responses people say "i would never allow my boyfriend.." People can do whatever they want, just because someone is dating you doesn't mean he has rules he's supposed to follow. You shouldn't have control over another person. ... (19 replies)
... It's hard to believe that they said he could get worse and need inpatient treatment for 3 yrs minimum! That's very scary. We are dealing with something that is way beyond our control here. How can a person's mind be that twisted that they just don't see reality? ... (64 replies)

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