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... I hope I didn't imply that there was anything lacking in you and that is why she may have left. I think when two people split, it's not always because one has problems. ... (8 replies)
... This is my first post, but I'm using this board as more of a venting, and hopefully, someone will help me out. Although, I'm pretty sure that I already know everything that needs to be done. I just need other opinions. ... (1 replies)
... but he's NOT a good communicator. He's not the 'deer in the headlights' type, but more of an avoider with his head in the sand......hoping it will just go away or I'll forget about whatever the problem was. It just drives me nuts sometimes. He's a very good 'double talker' as I call it. ... (1 replies)

... This issue is not how to make money. ... (6 replies)
... Well, thank you so much for your kind words and your compassion, simplyj, I do appreciate it. ... (37 replies)
... This really is a tough dilema for you. I can see why you are so confused. ... (8 replies)
... willed boyfriend for letting his friends tell him who he can and can't bring on vacation with him. They don't sound like very nice people at all, but more importantly, your boyfriend doesn't sound like he's got your back at all. ... (5 replies)
... HI! I am not even reading any further than your message and can I FEEL YOUR PAIN! YOu don't understand how much! The questions you ask are so much like mine. ... (8 replies)
... Welcome! Well it sounds to me that this guy could have someone else in his life or even may be thinking of having someone else in his life besides you. He told you that he needs breaks for whatever reasons which is never a good sign. ... (5 replies)
... i've been in my current relationship for 3 years now. i think it's coming to an end. to tell you the truth, if i knew of an easy way to break it off, i probably would right now. it's hard with us. ... (13 replies)
... analyzing it for a week and a half now and I can't make any sense of it. I wondered if you guys could look at it with a fresh set of eyes and try to explain to me what the heck just happened!! ... (6 replies)
... Speaking from experience, it's very hard for us, women, to have a no strings attached thing with a guy. More often than not, we develop feelings for the guy. ... (6 replies)
... Some of you already know what has taken place with me the past year, or even the past few days. I just need to find out how to move on... how to get past this. ... (10 replies)
... KIDS have crushes on each other all the time. Much as you find this hard to believe it isn't as magical as you think. ... (73 replies)
Breaking Up?
Jul 11, 2006
... Having a girlfriend isn't a cure for depression. Not having a girlfriend isn't the reason for depression. I'm sorry, but what your mom said is so wrong. Have you ever thought about seeking another outlet for your depression? ... (20 replies)
... Cg, I think you just need to give yourself some more time to heal. ... (11 replies)
... thanks so much fabat and cookie, you dont realise how much youve helped. ... (19 replies)
... I'm not saying that he will definitly one day realize that he lost the best thing that ever happened to him. He will most likely live a fulfiing life, but so will we! Everyone has problems. Your ex cannot not be blissfully happy at all times. ... (54 replies)
... I have been hanging out with an ex lately. We have been getting together randomly over the last few months, but things are getting a bit more regular. We broke up in april and didn't start talking again until July. When do have the talk about what is going on? ... (2 replies)
... Were i asked how to get over brake ups. ... (5 replies)

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