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... Thank you all for your input! And thank you Wowee for your much appreciated wise words and advice. You are right to say that it doesn't matter whose fault it is. what matters is that it IS an unhealthy situation. "My only advice, for what it may be worth to you, is to currently back-burner your anger, sadness, and fear, and put focus on simply getting yourself out of this... (41 replies)
... it won't only give him closure... look your hurt and angry now, AND BITTER... if you don't want him to have any closure because it's his fault that YOU feel the way you do, your bitter... also your not taking enough responsibility for your own feelings... i mean a year and a half? you could have walked earlier if it was that bad. as for closure... if you left him the... (41 replies)
... you need to and CAN find the strength to do this face to face hubby and i just this weekend decided to get a divorce...and i was the one that initiated it... ... (41 replies)

... just decency. i'm not saying go through councilling etc, but a simple, i'm leaving you, i've been hurt, it didn't work out face to face is what i'm suggesting. no need to draw it out. even if you move out while he's gone, and then go round the day he comes back (with a friend if you need) and say your leaving, and outline your reasons (not exactly like is in the letter) in... (41 replies)
... This letter is very much an expression of anger. It definitely reeks with hurt. It is quite obvious that you are in pain and feel wronged by him. However, I don't find this letter to be very appropriate. Line after line you are blaming HIM for the way YOU feel. You need to communicate your feelings, not all the things you see wrong with him. We have to take... (41 replies)
... would appreciate your feedbak on this letter that I am going to give my husband: "Looking back at our relationship over the last 18 months in extreme frustration and disbelief, I can’t think of one particular event that triggered all this bitterness to each other and all of this uncontrollable anger inside of me. All our troubles did exist right from the start. It may be... (41 replies)
... I've been reading your post a few days now and I guess I'd ask you if you can figure out, not only where he went wrong in this marriage, but also where you went wrong? You've told us about his bad behavior, but this is the first you've mentioned anything about your own bad behavior. Once relationships go south, I think most couples behave badly toward each other, but is there... (41 replies)
... Things are getting progressively worse for me. My hubby came back earlier than expected, he saw my things packed and got a hint of what I intend to do. He was both shocked and angry inside. I could feel it. ... (41 replies)
... make communication most of the time being shoosed until a commercial comes on. I usually end up retreating to another room to read or to work on the computer. Hubby spends the rest of the evening with the TV and either falls sleep in front of it or crawls into bed with me we watch a little TV together.... ... (294 replies)
... lies had to pay for our move and support us a while. This being just after helping for our wedding. We fought a lot again. Then, I finally got the job I loved. Hubby was having problems at work and was fired. BUT, the same day hired into a salary with a company car. LIfe got much easier. But of course it does! ... (5 replies)
Sep 15, 2006
... I ended up seeing him again the day after that at my sister's house. I went there after checking out of the hotel to say goodbye before I drove the 3 hours to see my parents. ... (11 replies)
... I don't know if I'm all alone here...but alot of times I feel as if my relationship with hubby is in a rut. ... (294 replies)
Gone, gone, gone
May 6, 2004
... etc....i'm one of those people if i see homecomings i cry...and i cry even harder when i see somebody who has to say goodbye cause i know that feeling hubby hasn't gone overseas yet, but we were apart for 3 months last year for the first time ever...i AM the woman you see on the news saying goodbye.. ... (18 replies)
... nd can't even look at me.She'll look at everyone else and if I ask her a question she says nothing.This is not how I imagined a sil.So mabe she didn't ask me and hubby together about the kids in wedding could have been because she can't talk to me and look at me? ... (20 replies)
... but he does say that he wld always be there for me....hes not only the love of my life but also my best friend.....i've tried to say goodbye to him be4 but just cant get myself to do it.....i feel like if i do let go my life wld be so empty n lonely... ... (5 replies)
... an older woman who is recently divorced and has 2 sons. One is in college and the other is still in high school. she has a lot of emotional baggage cause her ex hubby cheated on her but i do love her and she told me she loves me. ... (8 replies)
... i can be pretty passive myself. if i would have called to talk to her, or spoke to her in person i wouldnt have gotten a word in or i would have been manipulated in some form and forgotten what i was upset about. thank you :) my other bridesmaids didnt know her very well but after telling them briefly what was happening, they agreed with what i did and how i did it. i dont... (25 replies)
... ows all of this and he was fine with it. So Mitch n I met up and it bought up all my old feelings for him and now i can't stop thinking about him. When we hugged goodbye i didn't want to let him go and i just wanted to kiss him. He told me in an email that he felt the same and it's weird cos he was sure he was over me also. ... (10 replies)
... Well wishgirl, it would irritate me knowing that my husband told her "goodbye and goodluck" and she was still finding other means to contact him (like through his actual friends). It may be time for you to ask him to tell her to "I told you ten years ago I didn't want the pictures so PLEASE leave me alone". I realize he has been ignoring her, but apparently that isn't... (78 replies)
... if not don't get to deep. I know how bad you feel. I thought I would never be better again. I am married, and have a daughter now, and despite any faults my hubby has, I do know he loves me. And if anything ever happened, I know I am good enough without anyone. ... (8 replies)

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