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... a friend of mine posting until you mentioned the ages and that you hadn't given him an ultimatum. My friend is in exactly the same position, except she's in her early 30's. I know most people say ultimatums are bad, but I don't think it's that cut and dry. I think sometimes people need a nudge. ... (56 replies)
... than I first posted. His sister really has nothing to do with her own wedding, because mom is doing it all, and I guess that is the way they like it. His sister got engaged early December and she had known that my fiance was going to be asking me soon. Here is a huge part of my frustration with his sister. ... (18 replies)
... Her saying sorry..........of course she is sorry. She got caught. She wasn't sorry enough to tell you of her betrayal!!! She was caught!!! ... (24 replies)

... Hey guys, I have had some problems with my now fiance from early in our relationship. Some background info.. Im 23 and she is 20 . We have been together for 18months and have been engaged for the last 2. ... (17 replies)
... d out that we were dating he decided that was a good time to reveal all of his feelings for her. Of course that caused problems, but we overcame them, eventually got engaged, got married, had a baby. ... (15 replies)
... t and he didn't want things to be awkward. It's the only reason he was in touch. I declined over email, wished him the best. At the event, I avoided him and left early before he could come over to speak to me. It was better that way, I couldn't handle contact, even so long after the breakup. ... (11 replies)
... Our relationship started hard and fast. Since the beginning of our relationship we've been living together this was 18 months ago. In the meantime we got engaged. From the beginning we had to work very hard on our relationship to make it work. We never had the opportunity to date and be inlove. ... (3 replies)
... was 20 years old and I meet what is now my wife. I feel completely in love with her and wanted nothing but to be with her forever. we dated for 5 years. then we got married. ... (4 replies)
... Things started off great, besides a minor mishap where she broke up with me three days after we first started dating, but we soon got back together just a couple weeks later, and have been together ever since. ... (25 replies)
... I am currently in my first serious relationship with a guy who is quite a few years older than me. The age gap is about 10 years! I am in my early 20's and he is in his early 30's. Anyway, a few months ago I almost broke things off with him because he wasn't making time for me. ... (34 replies)
... The strange thing with this guy was.....HE was saying all this stuff to me, talking about the future, I wasn't saying it to him.....he said to me....this may be too early to talk about it, but would you ever consider getting married again? ... (82 replies)
... we got together in early DEc. but met in early Oct. ... (2 replies)
... Fell madly in love, etc etc. My first year in college he told me he had doubts about us staying together. We were too different, didn't want the same things out of life, etc. I was devastated and convinced him things would be fine. ... (9 replies)
... with my husband for almost four year married for the last 7 months. Over a year ago we had some huge issue's he was using drugs recreational but having a little too much fun. I'm not a nag but when it affects your bank book and your lifestyle it's time to stop. ... (15 replies)
It's over
Oct 27, 2005
... Oh no, god knows you didn't give up too early! You truly gave it your all! It's terrible you gave your all to the person who didn't really deserve it, but it happens, you know. ... (5 replies)
... You and your fiance both sound too young to be thinking about forever. Part of your heart is still with this other guy. ... (2 replies)
... But I just wanted some outside opinions, is it never too early? ... (6 replies)
... e rent for her new home, while she found work and I would come over. As it happened, she couldn't find work, which meant I had to delay my visit to see her until early December. In the meantime, I am still paying her rent and paying for my own living expenses while living at home in the UK. ... (6 replies)
... I've always kinda questioned my relationship with M, but lately two things came up that have freaked me out. One was that I got a letter from the rental company saying its time to renew our lease. We have until Nov 1 to let them know if we are staying or leaving. ... (7 replies)
... and he was the love of my life. I just knew. We were supposed to be engaged soon and had many future talks and there was no doubt in my mind he was the one, and he said the same. ... (4 replies)

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