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... mostly in him because time and time again we just keep repeating this cycle of.... ... (2 replies)
... We were both happy to meet again and started having lunch together once a month or so. ... (8 replies)
... Hi all and thanks again for your input. ... (12 replies)

... c ive known him such a short time. But I just had a gut instinct about him. He called me when he said he would, and even called me the next day after meeting me and set up a dinner date. He also invited me to his apt. ... (37 replies)
... him and this new girl. Even when I was with him. He was being too wierd. I never brought it up becaues I didnt want to look paranoid, jealous, I was unhappy about too many other things, i.e. ... (207 replies)
... as in, see, I can't ever please him. Yes, we see, but it seems YOU DON'T see. No matter how many times you call him, no matter how early or how late, YOU WILL NEVER PLEASE HIM BECAUSE HE DOESN'T WANT TO BE PLEASED. I told you yesterday that he doesn't want to be happy with you. ... (120 replies)
... Usually it's a harmless convo. and it never lasts more then five minutes before one of us splits. ... (20 replies)
... If that is the case, forgetaboutit. There you go again with the fear of acceptance... if any of these girls reject you, you will go into another cycle of depression and your world will be knocked upside down, right? ... (29 replies)
Nov 22, 2011
... m work and be home Sunday. this went on a few weekends, during which time the phone bill came in. the next weekend she did the same, I looked up the number she'd called saying she couldn't make it to that party, a man answered, I asked if she was there? ... (95 replies)
Almost 2 years...
Feb 24, 2011
... just broke it off with the only girl in those 2 years I even got remotely close too. I really wasn't that interested but figured I needed to give it a shot, you never know. And after so long, there was just nothing there. Although still upset, I started turning the corner last year and then suddenly went back again. ... (1 replies)
... because it shows a very good character in my eyes. so for now, we are taking things very slow and I know that's best. She even called him screaming about stupid things while he was with me and he warned me that she has done this in the past with the few other girlfriends he's had. ... (37 replies)
... months ago through mutual friends. We had an instant connection and started dating. I was very nervous about dating again as I hadn't dated in a year due to being burned by the last guy I had dated. ... (5 replies)
... hi there, i have know the now ex you could say for 12 years now. We have hung out on and off for most of them since we were young and dumb we never dated each other. Last year he contacted me to hang out again. I just got out of a relationship and so didhe. ... (7 replies)
... got asked out and decided out of the blue she should needed to look at dating others and not being with one person. i told her i couldn't just back off and just date her nor pretend we were now only friends. to make a long story short, i removed myself from the picture so she could go and do what she needed. so anyway... ... (5 replies)
... ting you without even bothering to respect your boundaries enough to see if you at all were interested in him. I would be creeped out and SUPER ANGRY if some guy called me early in the morning after looking up my address online...that seems like a major invasion of privacy after only one blind date! ... (439 replies)
... en be bothered with the baby. SIL is mad because DH can't be at all her stuff because of the baby, wedding is three weeks after baby is due, well she picked the date after she knew about the baby. Anyway, I just wanted you to know you are NOT alone. ... (16 replies)
... dates...But, he may not for his own personal reasons that you may never know...felt comfortable with you. ... (7 replies)
... you were sleeping with was there any interlap". I said no which was a lie i regret now. But i knew if i said yes, it would.have been over. a month later she asks again and i tell her the truth. She is hesrtbroken and tells me to get tested. i wait a while which pisses her off but i get tested and I am clean. ... (6 replies)
... arrange her visit. This will never know an end. ... (9 replies)
... I had a great self love, RealGuy, the thing is by the time I left it was severely diminished. ... (67 replies)

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