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... he middle surely sucks and I know that I am to blame for part of that. My vision of this return trip of my MIL was for me to slowly ease into some semblance of a relationship and see where it went. This all changed when my wife decided not to support me and my method of handling this. ... (23 replies)
... So my question to you is are you doing what you can to better your relationship with your wife or are you just being stubborn and pouting? ... (23 replies)
May 23, 2018
... I made up my mind in telling you my problem since I do have now the guts to tell you this one since my trauma started. 3 months ago, I entered into a secret relationship that cause me to be like this. ... (1 replies)

... Also, if he IS a young guy, perhaps he just hasn't figured out what a real adult relationship involves. ... (50 replies)
I fess up.
Jan 12, 2005
... I really don't want a relationship with him. I just wanted to see how hes doing. He was my best friend for over 2 years. I just am not like that. I've never been that kind of person. ... (25 replies)
... I met my fiance almost 6 yrs ago at a bar. I had just gotten out of a relationship when I met him. There was no chemistry, interest or much attraction at that time. He bought me drinks, I gave him my number and a few weeks later we hung out. ... (20 replies)
... aside from whenever we'd fight about that STUPID thing which she wont drop and always exadurates. our relationship was really good... but right now, its hard for me to tear away and not talk to her because of these blasted feelings of loving her and missing her. ... (22 replies)
... year relationship with my ex. Everything was WONDERFUL in the beginning. Then came the dysfunctional crap. ... (11 replies)
... If you feel strongly enough to write on this board so many years later, its probably clear to your ex and his wife that you haven't let the relationship go. ... (300 replies)
... Our relationship used to have something magical... it was everything I had been looking for. All along we had been getting serious and talking about being seriously committed. ... (6 replies)
... From my experience, that's rarely possible, unless the relationship just fizzled out and basically died a slow death, romantically speaking. ... (14 replies)
... he takes advantage. We are pregnant and have a toddler. She manages to interrupt me and take up a lot of my work days. It is taking a toll on my business and our relationship as well. I'm just the guy who makes the money and pays the bills. Our sex life if nonexistent since we got pregnant. ... (7 replies)
... My fiancee and I are about to get married in two months. I'm freaking out. Our relationship has never been easy. I've always felt like we both had to work twice as hard to make it work. We have very different views about things that cause fights. ... (16 replies)
... do not need to ever compromise or try something willingly, without dragging your feet or holding it over her head as a grudge, then this marriage and any future relationship is doomed. You really could use some professional help in seeing this matter and both her and your roles in it clearly. ... (25 replies)
... Yes, it is fair to say "we" and she is not being fair toying you around like this. She is extremely frustrating. She won't take accountability or responsibility for anything she does. She blames you for everything and apparently thinks she's perfect. She didn't even answer your question in that text, just blamed you for something yet again. I would either not contact her or... (71 replies)
... Ok, then....This is very helpful. It's almost exactly as I thought....Very similar to another relationship I knew. You're right....These are "games" and they only add to the frustration and anger. They need to stop if you both really care about one another. ... (71 replies)
... not fair, I should come first. All I have is my husband, and boys. I learned my husband told his mother that I called her a snake. He told me he does not hold a grudge about an argument that happened the other day, but he said horrible things, the only thing i said was about the snake. ... (10 replies)
... Okay, that was long! LOL I really hope I didn't miss anything when reading. This is the part that really sticks out to me. She didn't seem to really like who you are, but rather what she could mold you into. IMO, the whole text the ex thing isn't that big of a deal. I probably would be upset if I found it too, but the explanation (the dates) and how you weren't... (22 replies)
... nothing but gotten progressively worse as time passes. It's like the more serious she thinks we are getting, the more she hates me and tries to make my life and relationship with her son difficult. She barely spoke to me the first time I ever went to my boyfriend's parent's house to meet them. ... (11 replies)
... For years, I have been afraid to tell her that she has to move out because of the horrible relationship she know has with my brother and his family. She literally never calls them and holds a grudge against them for asking her to move out. ... (4 replies)

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